A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2437

Inside the secret territory of the Devil’s Heart Sect!

The great power faced the six purple-robed messengers before him, his face incomparably ugly!

In a short period of time, he had lost two purple-robed emissaries and both secret realms had been breached by Kai!

If not for Kai ringing the Dragon Tattoo Bell after his breakthrough and giving himself a wake-up call, he was afraid that all eight secret realms would have been breached by Kai one by one!

“Don’t leave here before the Aura Recovery Formation is activated, to prevent being broken by that Kai one by one, as long as after the Aura Recovery, that Kai will also lose his value ……”

The great power said to the six purple robed messengers!

The six men looked at each other, and one of the purple-robed messengers stepped forward and said, “Mighty, our families are still in the secret realm, if we stay here, what if Kai strikes at our families?”

“Yes, all our family businesses, all our heart and soul, are in the secret realm, if we stay here, what about our family businesses?”

“Can we bring all our family members and disciples here, it’s almost time for the aura to recover anyway, when the secret realm collapses, we can live in the secular world.”

Several purple-robed messengers didn’t want to stay in the Demon Heart Sect’s secret realm, after all, all their heart and soul, and their families, were in the secret realm, they couldn’t leave it alone!

“As cultivators, you are supposed to leave behind your seven emotions and desires, the so-called kinship will stop you from cultivating.”

“After the aura recovers and we rule the entire secular realm, I can take you all to the Celestial Realm to pursue higher cultivation.”

“At that time, you can survive for millions of years, so what’s the point of talking about kinship?”

The great power’s face was cold and very dissatisfied as he reprimanded the few purple-robed messengers!

The several purple-robed messengers all fell silent, knowing that there was no room for them to speak in front of the great power!

At that moment, a crystal-clear bead in front of the great power suddenly shone with light, and immediately afterwards, a picture appeared inside, which was the scene of Kai in the secret realm of the Daoist Sect!

“How dare this kid come in the middle of the secret realm?”

The great power was surprised to see Kai actually appear in the secret realm of the Daoist Sect!

“Great Might, I request to go and meet that Kai ……”

At this moment, Ning Zhi stepped out from the side, his eyes fixed on Kai with a deadly stare!

He followed Kai with an undying grudge, and in order to be able to defeat Kai, Ning Zhi had given a lot, and now was the time for him to take his revenge!

The great power looked at Ning Zhi’s anger and nodded slowly, “Remember, no one is allowed to hurt his life, he is still needed for the Great Aura Recovery Formation.”

“As you wish ……” Ning Zhi nodded, then turned to leave.

And the great power said to the six purple-robed messengers “You also follow, leave that Kai in the secret realm, so that he won’t go around causing trouble ……”

The reason why the great power sent the six purple-robed messengers was because he was afraid that Ning Zhi would get angry and kill Kai, and that would be a problem!

The six purple robed emissaries led the way, if they could keep Kai in the secret realm, then they wouldn’t have to worry about their families!

But to have six of their purple-robed emissaries go and give Ning Zhi a hand job, a few of them were upset in their hearts!

And at that moment, in the secret realm of the Daoist Sect, Kai had gone around the entire secret realm, and apart from these statues that were tens of metres tall, there was nothing else unusual, and Kai hadn’t found any traces of spell formations!

So this Aura Recovery Formation, Kai didn’t know how on earth the Daoist Sect had laid it, any spell formation that was laid would leave traces and scents, but Kai had turned around and couldn’t find any!

“Kai, you’d better go, we’re fine here and there’s no danger, if the people of the Demon Heart Sect know you’ve come here, they’ll definitely turn against you.”

Su Yuqi persuaded Kai to get out of here!


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