A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2436

When Kai appeared in the secret realm of the Qidao Sect, his entire body froze.

He saw that the entire secret realm of the Daoist Sect had changed greatly, the original cave was gone, and in the middle of the secret realm towered eight stone statues, which were tens of metres high, and within each of them, a strange aura was emanating outwards!

“Kai ……”

“Brother Kai ……”

After seeing Kai, Su Yuqi and Xiao Ru hurriedly ran over!

Several people seemed to have lived well in the secret realm, all of them had gained a lot of weight!

“What’s going on in this secret realm?”

Kai asked, pointing at the statues that were tens of metres tall!

“These statues all popped up some time ago, and we don’t know what’s going on.”

Su Yuqi said!

Kai looked at those statues, they were obviously the same ones that were inside the cave, but they had just gotten bigger!

Kai looked towards a statue, and within this statue, Kai could clearly feel a familiar aura!

“Why is there my aura within this statue?”

Kai frowned slightly as he slowly walked to the foot of that statue.

When Kai touched the statue with his hand, the familiar aura became even more apparent, and within the statue, there seemed to be a terrifying suction force that was sucking Kai towards the statue!

Kai’s whole hand had sunk into the statue, which scared Kai to death!

Just as Kai was about to fight to break the statue, he saw Su Yuqi leap and stand on the head of the statue, gently tapping it, the inexplicable suction instantly disappeared, and Kai’s hand was taken out of the statue!

“What’s going on here?” Kai asked to Su Yuqi with a face full of shock.

“Each statue here corresponds to one of us here, as long as you find the statue that corresponds to you, you can get inside the statue and control it.”

Su Yuqi finished speaking and touched towards a statue.

Su Yuqi’s body, which instantly disappeared, was directly sucked into the statue’s interior!

“Yu Qi …………”

Kai was shocked at the sight of this!

“Brother Kai, don’t be nervous, it’s okay ……”

Xiao Ru hurriedly stopped Kai!

Only to see that the statue Su Yuqi had entered, after flashing through a golden light, had actually come to life!

The tens of metres tall body kept striding, each step like an earthquake!

Immediately afterwards, there was a flash of light and Su Yuqi’s figure appeared, while the statue didn’t move at all!

Kai looked at Su Yuqi in amazement “How do you know you can manipulate this statue?”

“We also knew about it by chance, we just don’t know what these statues are for.”

Su Yuqi said!

Kai looked at those towering statues, he understood that they must be following the Great Aura Recovery Formation!

But when the Aura Recovery Formation would be activated and how the statues would be used, Kai still didn’t know anything!

“Brother Kai, why did you remember to come and see us?”

Xiao Ru asked to Kai.

“I missed you guys and came over to see you, plus I have something happy to tell you ……”

Kai smiled faintly and told Su Yuqi after he had rescued his mother!

“You really rescued auntie? That’s really great ……”

Su Yuqi was also very happy after hearing this!

“Brother Kai, now that Auntie has been rescued, you and Sister Yuqi will be able to get married and have children, right?”

“Sister Yuqi has been with you for so long, but you haven’t touched her yet. Sister Yuqi has always fantasised about giving you a big fat kid.”

Xiao Ru said jokingly!

“Xiao Ru, what are you talking nonsense about, who fantasised, no nonsense.”

Su Yuqi glared at Xiao Ru!

Kai looked at Su Yuqi and said with some guilt in his heart “When I get you guys out, we’ll get married ……”

Su Yuqi heard, full of blush, she waited for this day for a long time, while the side of Wu Mei’er is silent!

Su Yuqi is Kai’s real girlfriend, and what does she count?


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