A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2435

The original transformed environment, once again!

The entire space of the secret realm began to distort, the temporal turbulence continued to rage, and the entire Fire Gate secret realm was immediately facing collapse!

At this moment, Kai was still on top of the auspicious clouds and had no idea of the changes in the Fire Gate Secret Realm under his two hammers!

Apart from the Fire Gate Secret Realm, the other Secret Realms were also undergoing great vibrations and changes in the midst of these sound waves!

“What’s happening?”

Yu Qian of the Heavenly Gate Mystic Realm felt the shaking of the mystic realm and had a few moments of panic in his eyes!

Inside the Purple Thunder Sect of the Earth Gate Secret Realm, Yao Qisheng, draped in a purple robe, also felt the tremendous shaking in the secret realm.

He hurriedly sent his disciple, Yao Shenghui, to check it out!

And at this moment, within the Demon Heart Sect, the great power’s slightly closed eyes opened, and even in the secret realm where he was, a violent shaking of space actually occurred!

“This Kai, he has actually broken through, he still wants to break through the eight secret realms one by one, but I won’t give him that chance.”

As the great power finished speaking, he waved his palm and several streaks of purple light shot out!

He was going to gather all the purple-robed messengers together to prevent that Kai from breaking through one by one!

As long as they waited for the time to arrive, after the Aura Recovery Formation was activated, Kai would have no more value.

At this moment, Kai in the secret realm of the Fire Sect put away the Dragon Tattoo Bell, he was now able to activate the Dragon Tattoo Bell, but he could only use part of its strength!

When Kai leapt down from the auspicious clouds, he found that the entire Fire Gate Secret Realm had long since changed from its original form!

The spatial turbulence was rampantly harvesting, and the Fire Gate Secret Realm had actually become completely uninhabitable!

“How could this happen?”

Kai asked to Ge Cansheng with a face full of astonishment!

“Mr. Chen, I wonder if you moved the Dragon Tattoo Bell just now? After the two dragon pattern bells rang out, this secret realm turned into this!”

Ge Cansheng said to Kai!

“This …………”

Kai was a little embarrassed, just now he was just trying to see if he could activate the Dragon Tattoo Bell, but he didn’t expect that this simple test would directly destroy the Fire Gate Secret Realm!

“Let’s get out of here, I guess this Fire Gate Secret Realm won’t last long, it’s going to crumble ……”

After Kai finished speaking, he opened the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map and instantly teleported back to Kyoto!

With the realm breakthrough, Kai was much more confident at this point, although he was not as good as that Demonic Heart Sect great power, but facing those purple robed messengers, Kai had the confidence to deal with it!

It was just that the Dragon Cutting Sword didn’t know what had happened, but it had resisted Kai!

The sword had already become part of Kai’s body, as it had followed him all the way to battle.

It was hard for Kai to accept the sudden appearance of this situation!

“Is it because I have the Divine King’s Bow and the Dragon Tattooed Bell that the Dragon Cutting Sword thinks I have to abandon it?”

Kai was puzzled!

Although the Chopping Dragon Sword was not as powerful as the God King Bow and Dragon Tattooed Bell right now, the Chopping Dragon Sword was also a divine weapon, it was just damaged, so its power was greatly reduced, and it needed to be cultivated by Kai little by little before it could be used!

Kai once again held the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, and when Kai slightly injected the power of the divine dragon and tried to follow the sword’s mind, the sword would shake violently, seemingly resisting very much!

Kai had no choice but to take the Dragon Cutting Sword back again, it seemed that there was no way to use the Dragon Cutting Sword in the future!

“I wonder how Yu Qi is doing ……”

Kai decided to go and see Su Yuqi, no matter if there was any danger or not, he had to tell Su Yuqi the good news that he had saved his mother!

And having not seen Su Yuqi for so long, Kai did miss it!

Kai arrived at the backyard of the Kyoto Martial Arts Union, which was the entrance to the secret realm of the Daoist Sect!

After opening the entrance, Kai’s figure slowly disappeared and his entire body appeared in the secret realm of the Daoist Sect!


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