A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2434

Seeing this scene, Fire Phoenix was also a little shocked. Sensing the terrifying power within that pillar of light, Fire Phoenix was afraid that Kai wouldn’t be able to carry it, so he wanted to help him!

But just as Fire Phoenix stepped in, ready to help Kai counteract some of the power, Fire Phoenix’s body was instantly rebounded by the power within the pillar of light, directly shaking her hundreds of metres away!

The pillar of light shone on Kai’s body, which was metamorphosing rapidly, and the intense pain caused Kai’s forehead to be covered in cold sweat!

Kai gritted his teeth and did not move a muscle, for Kai knew that this was the most crucial moment, if he held on, he would have made a complete breakthrough!

Not only would his strength increase then, even his body’s toughness would increase by a lot!

A white cloud slowly appeared in the sky, and under the light, it turned into a seven-coloured auspicious cloud!

Kai was sitting under the auspicious cloud like an immortal!

After an unknown period of time, the pain in Kai’s body disappeared, followed by his whole body being like Mu Yang in a hot spring.

“Look, the pillar of light has changed ……”

Jiang Wu Ya shouted!

At this moment, the power within the pillar of light had become gentle and was not as terrifyingly rampant as it was just now!

And at this moment, Kai felt a huge buoyant force that was slowly lifting him upwards, and Kai’s body began to hang in the air, flying all the way towards the seven-coloured auspicious clouds!

Gradually Kai was bathed in golden light, his body growing higher and higher, just like a celestial god!

Kai’s body soon passed through the auspicious clouds, and with his feet on top of them, Kai felt an endless amount of power within his body!

With a flick of his hand, Kai’s Dragon Cutting Sword instantly appeared in his hand!

Only this time, after Kai injected the power of the divine dragon into the Dragon Cutting Sword, the sword trembled violently!

Kai’s mind followed the communication of the Sword Spirit of the Dragon Cutting Sword, and a slight obstacle began to appear!

“What’s going on with this ……?”

Kai frowned slightly!

After Kai increased the injection of power again, the Dragon Chopping Sword trembled even more, seemingly struggling in pain!

Kai had no choice but to put the Dragon Cutting Sword away again, he couldn’t understand how after his realm had been raised, the degree of fit between the Dragon Cutting Sword and himself had in turn decreased.

After putting away the Dragon Cutting Sword, Kai put his eyes on the Dragon Tattoo Clock, in the past, Kai’s realm was so low that he had forced the Dragon Tattoo Clock to activate it, and it almost didn’t kill him!

Now that his realm had been raised, Kai wanted to see if he could now master this Dragon Tattoo Bell!

Taking the Dragon Tattooed Bell out of his storage ring, he looked at the Dragon Tattooed Bell in his hand and threw it violently towards the air!

The Dragon Pattern Bell instantly grew larger and spun in mid-air!

With the bell hammer in one hand, Kai leapt angrily and struck the bell with a fierce blow!

Buzz …………

A sound wave spread out from the Dragon Tattooed Bell in all directions!

The entire void began to twist and distort under this sound wave, and the Fire Gate Mystic Realm was shaking violently, as if the entire mystic realm was being rapidly altered in time and space!

The barren desert in the Fire Gate Secret Realm was changing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and an oasis of greenery and a jungle began to appear like a picture!

This confused Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya below, they had never seen the environment of the Fire Sect Mysterious Realm change in all their years of staying there!

They knew that the eight secret realms were created according to the eight trigrams of the five elements, and each secret realm had its own characteristics and geographical environment!

Now the geography had been changed?

Just as Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya were filled with confusion, Kai once again dropped his hammer, striking the Dragon Pattern Bell with a heavy blow!

Although this time, Kai only felt his hands tremble to the point of numbness, the sound of the Dragon Pattern Bell rose even stronger than the first time!


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