A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2432

“Bastard, sinful son, you are too much of a disgrace to my Chopping Moon Pavilion, it’s just a matter of death, why are you such a coward?”

Jin Lifu saw that his son had agreed to Kai, and even begged Kai with the appearance of a lackey, this made him feel humiliated!

“Dad, a great man has to know the time, if our lives are lost, what use do we need this strength for?”

Jin Neo said to Jin Li Fu without a care in the world!

“Shut up, don’t ever call me that again, I’m not your father ……”

Jin Li Fu’s face was red with anger, he was about to die from it!

“Are you really willing to dedicate yourself to your strength?” Kai asked as he looked at Jin Neo with a cold smile on his face.

“Yes, I am willing, just let me go and let me do whatever I want.”

Jin Neo nodded his head repeatedly!

“Good then, crawl over, when I have absorbed your strength, I will naturally let you go ……”

Kai said!

Jin Neo didn’t hesitate and crawled directly towards Kai!

“Bastard, I’ll kill you ……”

Jin Li Fu was about to explode with anger, looking at his son crawling towards Kai like a dog, he decided to clean up the mess!

But just as Jin Li Fu made his move, Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya also moved!

The two men directly stopped Jin Li Fu, who was now injured and was no longer a match for Ge Cansheng and Jiang Wu Ya!

Jin Neo quickly crawled in front of Kai, who stretched out his hand and gently pressed on Jin Neo’s head!

In an instant, a huge suction force began to suck the strength out of Jin Neo’s body!

Jin Neo’s body trembled and his face was hideous, although he was experiencing immense pain, he could only endure it in order to stay alive!

Soon, the strength in Jin Neo’s body was absorbed by Kai!

At this moment, Jin Neo’s entire body seemed to have aged by more than ten years, and the aura of a cultivator had long since disappeared from his body!

“Can I …… I go now?”

Jin Neo got up with difficulty and asked Kai!

“Let’s go ……,” Kai waved his hand.

Jin Neo was overjoyed and hurried off into the distance!

Jin Li Fu looked at his son’s back, his whole body fell into deep thought, he now did not understand, what was the purpose of his endless cultivation, endlessly expanding his desires?

In the end, his own son was not even of the same mind as himself, and this was a great blow to Jin Li Fu!

Just after Jin Neo had walked some distance away, a fierce wild wolf demonic beast suddenly pounced towards Jin Neo!

Seeing this, Jin Neo was so frightened that he screamed and tried desperately to escape!

But now Jin Neo was just an ordinary man, how could he run away from the wild wolf?

The wolf caught up with him and bit him on the arm, taking it off!

In the midst of Jin Neo’s painful wailing, the wild wolf tore Jin Neo apart one by one and finally swallowed him inside!

As Jin Li Fu watched his son being swallowed by the wolf, his whole body went straight to madness!

“Kai, I will fight with you, I will not let you win even if I die ……”

Jin Lifu knew that Kai had no intention of letting Jin Neo go!

That wild wolf just now was definitely sent by Kai as well!

Jin Li Fu hissed as his body began to bulge, the spiritual energy within his body expanding at a rapid rate as a terrifying aura began to spread out in the air!

Seeing this, Kai knew that Jin Li Fu was determined to die, and that he wanted to die together, so he hurriedly drew the God King’s Bow!

Between heaven and earth, countless points of light converged between the God King’s Bow, and a pure white arrow feather appeared!

As Kai let go of his hand, the arrow rapidly shot out towards Jin Li Fu!

The white arrow feather exploded in the air, forming a white aura net that enveloped Jin Li Fu directly!

The aura net kept shrinking, and Jin Li Fu’s originally bulging body was held in a deadly grip!

No matter how hard he struggled, there was no way for Jin Li Fu to break free!

Kai walked towards Jin Lifu with a cold, murderous intent!


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