A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2431

The moment the Divine King’s Bow appeared, Gimliff sensed an aura of danger!

Now an arrow shot out, but Gimliff had no ability to block it, and could only watch as the golden arrow feather approached him!

With an instantaneous explosion, the arrow feather emitted a terrifying aura!

Like thunder rolling from the sky, the aura instantly plunged Gimliff into a turbulent current!

The entire body of Kinlief, suffering a violent impact, instantly flew backwards!

Boom …………

Jin Li Fu’s body hit the ground heavily, instantly smashing the earth into a deep gully!

Kai slowly landed on the ground and quietly looked at Jin Li Fu!

He had the ability to kill Jin Lifu with a single arrow, but Kai did not kill him because he wanted to use Jin Lifu as his own cultivation resource!

He wanted to absorb Jin Lifu’s strength to increase his own realm!

Jin Lifu slowly got up with a ghastly white face, looking at Kai with an incredulous expression!

Even Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya were looking at Kai in shock, knowing that neither of them could defeat Jin Lifu’s strength, or else they wouldn’t have been driven out of the Fire Sect Secret Realm by Jin Lifu!

But now Kai had easily defeated Jin Lifu, this strength was obviously stronger than both of them!

Especially the God King’s Bow in Kai’s hand, the moment Kai took out the God King’s Bow, an extremely shocking aura also caused Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya to tremble slightly!

Luckily, they were with Kai, if they were enemies, they knew that the God King Bow in Kai’s hand would be enough to send them to hell!

“Mr. Chen, what is this divine bow of yours? How can it be so powerful?”

Jiang Wu Ya was very curious and asked Kai.

“This is a divine King’s Bow, it is considered a type of divine weapon, I can only exert one tenth of the power of this divine King’s Bow right now, if I could exert the full power of the divine King’s Bow, I am afraid that even the sun could be shot down ……”

Kai said slowly!

At this moment, Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya were even more shocked, Kai could only exert one tenth of the power of the God King Bow and made Jin Lifu powerless, if he could exert the full power, then how could it be?

After hearing Kai’s words, Jin Lifu’s face also changed dramatically!

Although he didn’t know if what Kai said was true, he had experienced the power of the God King’s Bow!

“Kai, I can give up the Fire Sect Secret Realm, as long as you are willing to let our father and son live ……”

Jin Li Fu knew that if he fought any longer, he wouldn’t be able to gain the slightest advantage!

Right now, Kai alone was too much for him to handle, if Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya came together, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to carry even a single move!

What’s more, now that the disciples of his Zhangyue Pavilion were being slaughtered by those demonic beasts, Jin Lifu would be of little use even if he stayed in the Fire Gate Secret Realm!

After the recovery of spiritual energy, these secret realms would all become history and cease to exist!

That’s why Jin Lifu gave up the Fire Sect Secret Realm to Kai, even if Kai got it, it wouldn’t last long!

“I don’t have the slightest interest in this secret realm, what I want is just the strength in you all!”

“If you father and son are willing to give up the strength in your bodies, I can let you live!”

Kai said indifferently!

When Jin Lifu heard this, he became furious and said, “You are delusional, you and I are both cultivators, we should have understood that if we lose our strength, it would be better to die!”

Kai was not surprised when he looked at Jin Li Fu’s attitude, because he knew that Jin Li Fu would not agree!

“I agree, I agree ……”

“Kai, as long as you don’t kill me, I’m willing to dedicate myself!”

Jin Neo said loudly to Kai as he fell limp to the ground!

Now Jin Neo was already like a fish on a plate, at Kai’s mercy, even if he didn’t agree, he couldn’t stop Kai at all, and would end up putting his life on the line!

After weighing the pros and cons, Jin Neo decided to agree with Kai and give up his strength, so that Kai could let him live!


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