A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2430

“Big talker, today I’ll show you what I’m made of ……”

Jin Li Fu bellowed, his body flew out abruptly, followed by a grab towards the void, a long whip appeared in his hand, followed by a vicious whip towards Kai!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

The whip in Jin Li Fu’s hand was like a poisonous snake, it struck the ground against Kai’s body, instantly making a deep crater in the ground and sending smoke and dust rolling out!

Seeing that he had missed, Jin Li Fu immediately waved his whip again, and in an instant, countless whip shadows enveloped Kai.

This time, Kai was surrounded by heavy whip shadows, and there was no room for him to dodge.

Seeing this, Kai unleashed the power of the divine dragon, and the power of the divine dragon in his body surged out and turned into a barrier, blocking the countless whip shadows!

The two auras erupted and clashed continuously as the whip shadows ruthlessly smashed against the barrier, which instantly burst and then smashed directly into Kai’s body!

Kai did not unleash his invincible golden body, and the whip only left a mark on Kai’s chest!

Seeing the direct hand, Jin Li Fu instantly became complacent!

“You are like an ant in front of me, and you still want to compete with me, you really have eaten your heart and leopard’s guts.”

Jin Li Fu said as he looked at Kai mockingly!

Kai smiled coldly and did not feel the slightest bit of fear because he had been struck by Jin Lifu.

“Coming is not a gift, since that’s the case, I’ll give you a taste of my power too ……”

When Kai finished speaking, he instantly swung out the Zenglong Sword in his hand, a sword aura rose up along with the momentum, and the whole earth trembled!

Countless sword maces directly enveloped Jin Li Fu, the power of these sword maces was obviously much stronger than that Jin Li Fu’s whip shadow!

“This …………”

Jin Li Fu froze, his brow furrowed tightly!

Looking at the countless sword maces around him, the long whip in Jin Li Fu’s hand lashed out, a whip shadow following those sword maces against each other!

But the shadow of the whip dissipated instantly when it touched the sword mangles!

But the shadow of his whip dissipated as soon as it touched the sword’s aura!

On the contrary, Kai looked at Jin Lifu with a cold smile, and then threw the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand!

The Dragon Cutting Sword emitted its own sword aura and attacked towards Jin Li Fu!

The sword spirit inside the Dragon Cutting Sword had already opened its spirit, although it had not yet taken shape, it already had the ability to attack on its own!

Seeing this scene, Jin Lifu’s brow furrowed even more!

Kai took the Dragon Cutting Sword out of his hand, and then slowly levitated into mid-air, directly taking out the Divine King’s Bow!

The power of the Dao pattern within Kai’s body exploded as he slowly pulled back the bowstring!

The moment the bowstring was drawn, spiritual energy from all directions frantically surged towards the God King Bow, instantly forming a golden arrow feather!

“What is this thing?”

Sensing the terrifying aura of the Divine King’s Bow, Jin Li Fu’s face changed so much that he could only wave the long whip in his hand around in an airtight manner!

Whoosh …………

Kai bellowed, his index finger loosened the bowstring and shot the golden arrow feather out!

The golden arrow feather was like a shooting star, blasting towards Jin Li Fu!

Wherever the golden arrow passed, the wind howled and the void twisted!

In just a blink of an eye, the golden arrow reached Jin Li Fu’s body!

Jin Li Fu could only swing the long whip in his hand to the utmost to block the golden arrow!

Boom …………

The sound of collision rang out, the arrow feather was so powerful that it instantly shattered Jin Li Fu’s defence.

“What?” Jin Li Fu was shocked, he didn’t expect Kai’s bow and arrow, to be so powerful!


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