A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2429

The cold, eerie aura instantly sent a chill down Jin Neo’s neck and his entire being was scared to death!

Now Kai only had to move his arm gently, and Jin Neo’s head would move!

“Chen …… Kai, don’t mess around, don’t mess around ah, if you kill me, my father won’t let you off.”

Jin Neo was trembling all over and threatened at Kai!

When Jin Lifu saw that his son had fallen into Kai’s hands, he also became very nervous and yelled at Kai, “Kai, let my son go or you will die a very ugly death ……”

“How dare you threaten me at the end of your life?”

Kai sneered, and then the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand was about to swing down towards Jin Neo!

This time, Jin Neo was terrified and hurriedly shouted, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I promise you everything ……”

Jin Neo pissed himself, he was scared!

Looking at Jin Neo’s appearance, Kai laughed and did not strike, but said to Jin Neo “Call me grandpa and I will let you go ……”

“No shouting ……”

The first time Jin Li Fu heard this, he hurriedly yelled at Jin Neo!

If Jin Neo shouted grandpa after Kai, wouldn’t he become Kai’s son!

Faced with this request from Kai, Jin Neo was in a dilemma, not knowing what to do!

“If you don’t shout, then go to hell ……”

After Kai finished speaking, the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand was closer to Jin Neo’s neck, and Jin Neo could feel a chill in his neck as blood flowed out!

“Grandpa, grandpa, don’t kill me, don’t kill me ah ……”

Jin Neo was so goaded that he shouted at Kai for his grandfather, which nearly killed Jin Li Fu!

“Hahahaha, good grandson ……”

Kai laughed out loud.

And Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya were looking at Jin Li Fu with a playful face, which made Jin Li Fu feel even more humiliated!

“I …… have shouted, can you let me go?”

Jin Neo looked at Kai supplicatingly.

“Of course you can ……”

Kai smiled faintly, then slowly raised the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand!

But just as Jin Neo breathed a sigh of relief, the Dragon Chopping Sword in Kai’s hand snapped towards Jin Neo’s shoulder!

Jin Neo’s body hit the ground with a heavy thud, followed by a mouthful of blood spurting out, and the breath in his body was instantly shaken away!

“You …………”

Jin Neo looked at Kai in anger!

“I won’t kill you because there is still a use for keeping you!”

Kai smiled coldly, he kept Jin Neo because he wanted to absorb the strength within Jin Neo into himself!

Kai had renewed his incomparable thirst for strength after knowing the difference in strength between himself and that great power!

“Dad, kill him for me, kill him ……”

Jin Neo roared in anger when he saw that Kai had actually tricked him!

But at this moment, Jin Li Fu, his face did to the extreme!

In his opinion, death was not terrible, what was terrible was being made such a fool of, it was so humiliating!

“Kai, perhaps there are some things you already know, I won’t kill you before the Great Aura Recovery Formation is activated, but I go can make your life worse than death.”

As Jin Li Fu finished speaking, a burst of light flowed through his body and a purple robe enveloped his body!

“You’re just a dog of the Demon Heart Sect, and I’ve already killed one like you.”

Kai said with the corners of his mouth slightly raised!

“What? You killed a purple-robed messenger? That’s not possible?” Jin Li Fu was somewhat incredulous!

He didn’t believe that with Kai’s strength, he was able to kill a purple-robed messenger!

“Believe it or not, in a moment you will know if it is possible or not!”

Kai smiled coldly!

“Then I will see, with what ability you are able to kill a purple-robed messenger.”

As Jin Li Fu finished speaking, a shocking aura began to fill out from his body!

Feeling the aura that filled Jin Lifu’s body, Kai’s eyes were filled with disdain “To kill you, I don’t need to use all my strength ……”

The strength of Jin Li Fu is still a bit different than that of Lu Bu Wei!


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