A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2428

As soon as these Zhangyue Pavilion disciples ran, a large number of demonic beasts rushed into the Zhangyue Pavilion camp, and the gap in the formation was once again widened!

“Hold it all up, no running ……”

Jin Neo roared angrily, where was anyone to listen to him at this point!

Seeing this, Jin Neo could only leap from the top of the tall tower and run towards his father’s room!

Boom …………

There was no one left to stop it, and in the end the entire Zhan Yue Pavilion’s formations were all destroyed, and the dozen or so tall towers, too, all collapsed in a flash!

The houses of the Zhan Yue Pavilion, were started to be destroyed by these demonic beasts, and the disciples of the Zhan Yue Pavilion were chased by the demonic beasts!

Looking at the scene before them, Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya didn’t know what to say!

At this moment, in Jin Lifu’s room, Jin Neo was desperately slapping Jin Lifu!

“Dad, wake up quickly, wake up quickly, if you don’t wake up, you’ll die ……”

Jin Neo shouted at Jin Li Fu, but it was as if Jin Li Fu could not hear him!

The first time I saw this, I took off my trousers and peed on his face.

Jin Li Fu woke up instantly and cursed, “Who the hell is pissing on my face?”

When he was very young, he was bullied and often let people pee on his face, so it became a knot in his heart when he grew up!

No matter what the situation was, if someone pissed on his face, he would react immediately!

Jin Neo knew this problem with his father, so he had no choice but to use this method!

“Dad, it’s me, we ……”

Jin Neo was about to follow Jin Li Fu’s explanation when he was slapped hard across the face!

“You f*cking dare to piss on my face?” Jin Li Fu looked at Jin Neo angrily “I think you want to rebel, don’t you?”

Jin Neo covered his face and said with a face full of aggression, “Dad, our Zhan Yue Pavilion is going to be finished, please go out quickly and take a look ……”

The first time he heard this, he felt bad and hurried out of the room. Just as he walked out of the room, he saw countless demonic beasts wreaking havoc on the Zhangyue Pavilion, and many of the Zhangyue Pavilion disciples died!

“What the …… hell is going on here?”

Jin Lifu was dumbfounded, he had just slept and how did it turn out like this?

“Dad, it was Kai, it was that Kai who recruited these demonic beasts, broke through our formation and then started a massacre.”

Jin Neo followed Jin Li Fu and explained.

“Kai?” Jin Lifu froze, his brow slightly furrowed!

But at that very moment, a bull demon charged towards Jin Li Fu, a powerful aura emanating from the bull demon, and two nostrils still spewing fire outwards!

Seeing this, Jin Li Fu slapped his hand and killed the bull demon!

“Dare to destroy my Chopping Moon Pavilion, when I see him later, I will definitely kill him.”

Jin Li Fu roared!

“No need to wait for later, I’m coming now ……”

Kai followed Ge Cansheng and also Jiang Wu Ya slowly!

When Jin Li Fu saw Kai and the others, anger burst out from his eyes!

“Kai, I don’t know what method you used to be able to lure demonic beasts to your use, but no matter what method you used, you will die today ……”

Jin Neo, in the presence of his own father, had the strength in his heart, and with a face full of fierceness, he shouted, a long sword instantly appeared in his hand, the long sword wrapped in sword qi, emitting a whistling sound, and headed straight for Kai!

Kai looked at Jin Neo, who was attacking him, with a look of disdain in his eyes.

“You dare to fight me even with just you? If it was your father, perhaps you could still raise some interest in me.”

As Kai finished speaking, the Dragon Chopping Sword instantly appeared in his hand, followed by a step forward, followed by a crisp sound!

The Chopping Dragon Sword directly chopped the long sword in Jin Neo’s hand into two halves, Jin Neo was directly frozen at the sight, he did not expect that his strength and Kai’s were so disparate.

Immediately afterwards, Kai’s Chopping Dragon Sword rested on Jin Neo’s shoulder!


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