A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2427

Seeing that those demonic beasts couldn’t shake the spell formation at all, Jin Neo had dejectedly got up!

Those disciples of the Moon Chopping Pavilion were also all mocking as they kept shooting towards those demonic beasts!

Fire Phoenix looked at the demonic beasts that were being shot, her eyebrows slightly furrowed and her face didn’t look too good, if Kai hadn’t given the word, she would have gone to break the formation right now!

“Kai, look at these so-called junior disciples of yours, what are they, aren’t they sent to our Zhangyue Pavilion disciples for practice?”

Jin Neo mocked at Kai!

With this spell formation in place, Jin Neo was not afraid of Kai in the slightest!

Kai looked at Jin Neo coldly and ignored him, instead the Dragon Crystal within his body began to erupt with a burst of light!

A golden dragon slowly appeared above Kai’s head, and with a burst of dragon roar, the golden dragon rose up into the air!

Looking at the golden dragon that suddenly appeared in front of them, Jin Neo and the Zhan Yue Pavilion disciples’ faces all turned grave!

At this moment, they no longer looked as dejected as they did just now, and many of them even had cold sweat on their foreheads when they saw this golden dragon!

As Kai’s mind moved, the golden dragon roared and attacked towards the tower!

And the tidal wave of demonic beasts were still covering the sky with their magic weapon attacks!

The many disciples of the Moon Chopping Pavilion roared, all of them also using various means to attack against the demonic beasts!

The Zhangyue Pavilion disciples on the high tower, on the other hand, were desperately drawing their bows and arrows, shooting out arrow feathers like raindrops towards the golden dragon!

One by one, the arrow feathers shot at the Golden Dragon’s body, but surprisingly, they went straight through and did not cause any damage to the Golden Dragon!

And the Golden Dragon opened its bloody mouth and a dragon’s breath spurted out towards a tall tower!

Rumble …………

There was a violent explosion and a white light flickered above the tower, blocking the attack of the dragon’s breath!

But the golden dragon’s mouth kept spewing out dragon’s breath and it never stopped!

And after resisting for a moment, that white light suddenly let out a crisp sound, followed by the whole tower beginning to shake!

Boom …………

The white light disappeared and the tower collapsed with a bang!

Just as the tower collapsed, a gap finally appeared in the Zhan Yue Pavilion’s formation!

Countless demonic beasts changed direction and launched a fierce onslaught towards this gap!

“Quickly, block it for me ……”

Jin Neo panicked and hissed throughout.

The disciples of the Zhangyue Pavilion desperately ran towards the place where the formation gap was, at this moment a herd of killing red-eyed demonic beasts, were desperately pounding, not even caring about the attacks of those Zhangyue Pavilion disciples!

Many of the Zhangyue Pavilion disciples were knocked off their feet and died under the trampling of these beasts!

At the same time, a giant eagle in the sky was finally able to launch its revenge, spewing out a flame from its mouth and burning many of the Zhan Yue Pavilion disciples alive!

With this small gap, all the demonic beasts began to storm the place, which caused the light above the Zhan Yue Pavilion’s formation to keep flickering, and the entire formation had begun to shake!

“Where’s my dad? Hasn’t he woken up yet?”

Jin Neo panicked and questioned loudly.

But at this moment, the entire Zhan Yue Pavilion was already in chaos, where was anyone left to hear Jin Neo’s questioning?!

Seeing this, Jin Neo could only climb a high tower and look at the scene in front of him with an ugly face!

He then commanded the disciples of the Zhan Yue Pavilion to keep rushing towards the gap in the formation, the gap had to be closed now, otherwise their Zhan Yue Pavilion would be finished!

The gap in the formation began to get bigger and bigger, and all the demonic beasts were frantically rushing towards the gap and inside!

At this moment, the gap in the formation was already filled with corpses, both of demonic beasts and Zhangyue Pavilion disciples!

These demonic beasts were not afraid of death, they were animals by nature, but the disciples of the Zhangyue Pavilion were human beings, and this kind of killing had already made them fearful!

“Run, it can’t be stopped ……”

Along with the yell of a Zhan Yue Pavilion disciple, all the other Zhan Yue Pavilion disciples all turned their heads and ran!


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