A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2426

Rumble …………

An endless aura came slowly from afar, followed by dense, endlessly visible demonic beasts, rushing towards us!

Extremely sandy and dusty, like a sandstorm, covering half the sky!

“This …………”

Looking at the boundless demonic beasts, Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya were dumbfounded!

And that Jin Neo’s entire body froze at the sight of this scene, with a few moments of horror in his eyes!

When those demonic beasts reached behind Kai, they all stopped in their tracks, each one emitting a terrifying aura!

These auras converged together, and even experts of the realms of Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya felt a little suffocated!

“These are my minions, I’ll let them break this broken formation ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

Jin Neo looked at those demonic beasts although some fear, but thought of the Zhan Yue Pavilion has a powerful formation protection, so coldly snorted and said “Kai, you do not dream, even Ge Cang Sheng and their kind of experts can not break this formation of ours, you still want these demonic beasts to break through, simply whimsical.”

“Whether it’s a fantasy or not, you’ll know in a moment ……”

Kai smiled lightly, then waved his hand and said, “Little brothers, give me a charge …………”

Roar …………

Countless demonic beasts hissed and began to charge towards the Moon Chopping Pavilion!

These demonic beasts bypassed Kai’s place and then charged towards the Moon Chopping Pavilion!

This time, Jin Neo was a little scared “Quick, go and reinforce the formation, in addition go and wake up my father, go quickly ……”

Jin Neo sent someone to shout for Jin Li Fu!

“Eldest young master, don’t worry too much, this formation of ours is very sturdy, although these demonic beasts are many, they are not strong, they can’t break through our formation at all.”

An elder of the Zhan Yue Pavilion said to the already panicked Jin Neo!

“Yes, yes, it won’t be able to break through at all, I’m the one who got a little panicky.”

Jin Neo calmed himself down a bit!

And at this moment, as those demonic beasts stormed the Chopping Moon Pavilion, a light began to appear around the Chopping Moon Pavilion, and these lights directly blocked the attacks of those demonic beasts!

Although many of the demonic beasts ruthlessly impacted on that light, they were directly bounced off, and some of them directly died!

But these demonic beasts weren’t afraid and didn’t care, they all charged towards the Moon Chopping Pavilion with red eyes, because this was Kai’s order!

Seeing that these demonic beasts really couldn’t break through the formation of the Moon Cutting Pavilion, Kai’s brow furrowed slightly!

While Jin Neo mocked at Kai, “Hahahaha, have you blown your brains out? You still want to break our spell formation, look at how many of your so-called little brothers have died?”

Kai looked at Jin Neo’s dejected look and his eyes were filled with bearish anger!

“Master, I’ll go and break this formation, then kill this guy.”

The fire phoenix sensed the anger in Kai’s body!

This fellow, Jin Neo, couldn’t even defeat a large demonic beast, the Flaming Tiger, so he was even less of a match for the Fire Phoenix, so it would be as easy as pie for the Fire Phoenix to kill him!

“No need, since I said that my little brother will be able to break this broken formation, he will definitely be able to ……”

After Kai finished speaking, with a wave of his palm, he commanded dozens of giant eagles to start attacking towards those tall towers!

Now, as long as one tall tower was destroyed, cracks would appear in this formation, and with the cracks, loopholes could be opened, and at that time, the entire formation would collapse!

Jin Neo panicked when he saw that Kai would only attack the tall towers with dozens of giant eagles and even strike out towards the Purple Crystal!

“Quickly, quickly get on the men and secure the tall tower ……”

Jin Neo was afraid that the tall tower would be defeated, and immediately shouted, asking people to go up and guard the tall tower.

Soon on top of the tall tower, the disciples of Zhangyue Pavilion shot out countless arrow feathers, all towards those giant eagles!

The giant eagles also spat out a breath, attacking the disciples of the Moon Chopping Pavilion, but unfortunately, because of the protection of the formation, the breath spat out by the giant eagles was all blocked back by the formation.


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