A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2424

“This should be a teleportation magic treasure, the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map. I’m not very clear about the details anymore, and I’ve only just figured out the use of this map.”

Kai said in a slightly embarrassed manner!

He had obtained this Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map a long time ago, but he had never known how to use it or what its uses were!

“Mr. Chen, what should we do next? Even if we sneak attack that Moon Chopping Pavilion, I’m afraid that this number of people won’t be of much use.”

“Moreover, that Chopping Moon Pavilion is made up of multiple fortresses, and there are very powerful formations outside, so it’s not very good to sneak attack either.”

Ge Cang Sheng asked to Kai!

Although they had arrived at the Fire Sect Secret Realm silently, it was not quite possible to sneak attack the Zhan Yue Pavilion, after all, they were too few in number, and the Zhan Yue Pavilion’s defences, too, were notoriously sturdy!

“Who said we were going to sneak in? I’m going to defeat that Jin Li Fu in a big way and destroy his Chopping Moon Pavilion ……”

Kai smiled faintly, then headed straight in the direction of the Chopping Moon Pavilion!

After Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya glanced at each other, they could only lead their men to follow them!

At this moment, inside the Chopping Moon Pavilion, Jin Lifu was drinking with his son, Jin Neo, and the two of them were having a good time!

Now, in the entire Fire Sect Secret Realm, they were the only ones in the Zhangyue Pavilion, and all the resources were theirs!

And when the aura recovered, he would be able to become a king and a minister, and their Zhangyue Pavilion would become one of the top sects in the entire secular world!

It was not impossible for them to go to the Celestial Realm and expand their territory. ……

“Dad, this Demon Heart Sect mighty man you’re talking about, is he really that powerful? To be able to make you willingly submit yourself for decades?”

Jin Neo asked with some confusion!

How could it be possible that his own father, who was also the head of a pavilion and had hundreds of disciples under him, would be subservient to someone!

“What the hell do you know, just this bit of skill of mine is nothing in front of a great power!”

“And let me tell you, we are in a partnership, as long as the Aura Recovery Formation is activated successfully, our Zhan Yue Pavilion will soar to great heights in an instant, do you understand?”

Jin Li Fu was a little dizzy from his drink, his face was full of smugness!

“I just think that it’s good enough for our Moon Chopping Pavilion to occupy the entire Fire Sect Secret Realm.”

Jin Neo said!

“You fellow, are you still a man if you don’t have any ambition at all?”

“Get the hell out of here …………”

Jin Li Fu got angry and scolded Jin Neo out!

Seeing this, Jin Neo could only get up and walk out, it wasn’t that Jin Neo didn’t want to follow the Demon Heart Sect, he was just afraid that if the aura recovery failed, they wouldn’t even have the Fire Sect secret realm!

Jin Neo walked out of Zhan Yue Pavilion and leapt up to a tower hundreds of meters high in front of Zhan Yue Pavilion, there were more than a dozen such towers around Zhan Yue Pavilion!

These towers were not used as lookouts, but to set up formations, to know that the entire Zhan Yue Pavilion covered a huge area of the secret realm, in order to use formations to protect the entire Zhan Yue Pavilion, there must be such towers as a connection!

And in the middle of this tower, a purple crystal stone was placed, it was this crystal stone that came to feed the energy to this huge formation!

It was because of this huge formation that the Moon Chopping Pavilion had grown stronger and stronger in the Fire Gate Secret Realm, after all, their premises, because of the formation, had never been attacked!

Jin Neo stood atop the tower and looked into the distance, the entire Fire Sect Mystic Realm was their place now!

But soon, Jin Neo saw a group of figures slowly appear in his line of sight, and the group was moving fast!

“What are these people?” Jin Neo frowned slightly!

After all, there were no other sects and families left in this Fire Sect Secret Realm other than their disciples from the Zhangyue Pavilion!

But these people in front of him, Jin Neo didn’t look like disciples of the Zhangyue Pavilion, and it didn’t seem like they had sent such a group of people from the Zhangyue Pavilion today!


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