A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2423

Leaving Mr. Shi’s office, Kai was in a state of personal self-denial!

And the news that Mr. Chen was going to die in a month’s time hit Kai no less!

At this moment, Kai actually had a slight dependence on Mr. Shi, and when he encountered difficulties, or didn’t understand something, he liked to ask Mr. Shi!

Mr. Shi was both a teacher and a friend to Kai.

What Kai didn’t know was that Mr. Shi was standing high up watching him, and when he saw that look on Kai’s face, a faint smile appeared on Mr. Shi’s face!

“If I don’t hit you kid, your kid’s tail will still be sticking up to the sky.”

The corners of Mr Shi’s mouth lifted slightly.

After saying that, Mr. Shi took out a bronze mirror from his pocket, which was engraved with dense and various symbols!

And on the top of the bronze mirror, several symbols were constantly flickering with light. Looking at the several flickering symbols, Mr Shi’s smiling face slowly became grave.

“The real test this is just beginning, the enemy from now on will be a million times more terrifying, I hope you can carry it ……”

Mr. Shi’s gaze once again coalesced on Kai’s body!

Kai, who had walked away, always felt that someone was staring at him and snapped back to look, but found nothing!

“Looks like I’ll have to start with the eight secret realms first if I want to grow my strength quickly ……”

Kai threw away the random thoughts in his head and decided to start with the eight secret realms, so that he could weaken the strength of the Demon Heart Sect, and he could also absorb the strength of those people in the eight secret realms to improve himself ……

Kai went straight to the Ge family and found Ge Cansheng, he decided to take Ge Cansheng and start with the Fire Gate secret realm!

“Mr. Chen, now that the entire Fire Gate Secret Realm is the territory of that Moon Chopping Pavilion, with just these people of ours, are we sure of getting rid of that Jin Li Fu?”

Ge Cang Sheng asked with some worry!

After all, if these people of theirs went to the Fire Gate Secret Realm to seek revenge on Jin Li Fu, they were afraid that they would not be a match for that Jin Li Fu, after all, the entire Fire Gate Secret Realm was now the territory of the Moon Chopping Pavilion!

“Then which is more powerful, the Chopped Moon Pavilion followed by the Ruined Moon Fort?”

Kai asked to Ge Cansheng.

“That’s not much of a comparison, but the Chopped Moon Pavilion shouldn’t be able to compare to the Broken Moon Fort, right?”

Ge Cansheng said!

“That’s right, I’ve destroyed the Ruined Moon Fort, Lu Buwei and his father have already died in my hands, would I still be afraid of that Zhan Yue Pavilion?”

Kai said with a faint smile!

Ge Cansheng was filled with surprise and said incredulously, “Mr. Chen has destroyed the Ruined Moon Fort? What the hell is going on here?”

Kai told the story that Lu Buwei was also a purple-robed emissary of the Demon Heart Sect, which shocked Ge Cansheng to no end!

“I didn’t expect that this Demon Heart Sect had infiltrated the eight secret realms long ago, and I wonder if there are people from the Demon Heart Sect in the other secret realms!”

Ge Cang Sheng said in shock.

“There definitely are, but I will sweep them all away one secret realm at a time ……”

Kai’s eyes flashed with killing intent!

“Mr. Chen, I’ll go and get Jiang Wu Ya and we’ll go together to seek revenge on that Jin Li Fu ……”

After Ge Cansheng finished speaking, he found Jiang Wu Ya of the Heavenly Law Tower and then told Kai what he intended to do!

Jiang Wu Ya, in turn, brought the people from the Heavenly Law Tower, followed by the Ge family who would make peace, and together they followed Kai to the secret realm of the Fire Sect!

Kai directly took out the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map, and did not go through the teleportation array, but directly used the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map to teleport everyone to the Fire Gate Secret Realm!

This way, he could also catch that Jin Lifu off guard, after all, he could not think of any other way for Kai and the others to teleport to this place besides the teleportation formation.

“Mr. Chen, what kind of treasure is this ……, that it is able to teleport into the eight secret realms at will?”

Seeing the power of the Ninety Thousand Miles Mountain and River Map, Jiang Wu Ya asked with a face full of shock!


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