A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2422

“Of course I know, that Dragon Tattooed Bell, the Divine King’s Bow, are not the kind of divine weapons you imagined, you get these things, there are advantages and disadvantages for you, as the saying goes, a man is not guilty of carrying the jade with him, in the future you will have to bear the pressure from all sides for these things!”

Mr. Shi said slowly!

Kai was filled with bewilderment, he had not even followed Mr. Shi to say that he had obtained any divine weapons, how did Mr. Shi know about it?

Looking at Kai’s puzzled face, Mr. Shi smiled lightly and continued, “You are like a transparent person in front of me, so there is no way you can hide anything from me.”

When Kai heard Mr. Shi’s words, a cold sweat broke out!

He was like a transparent person in front of Mr. Shi, so that proved that Mr. Shi knew everything about him, then wouldn’t Mr. Shi know everything about himself following Fire Phoenix and Han Qing’er as well?

“Mr. Shi, who the hell are you? Why do you know so much about me? Some of my other personal matters, do you know them all too?”

Kai asked tentatively.

“I don’t care to know about the things you sleep with women ……”

Shi knew exactly what Kai wanted to ask!

This time, Kai was so full of embarrassment that he didn’t know what to say!

“In the future, don’t easily reveal those divine weapons you have obtained until it is absolutely necessary, you are not able to fully utilize their abilities at your current strength, instead you will attract the attention of others!”

“Have you followed the great powers of the Demonic Heart Sect and fought?”

Mr. Shi asked as he turned to Kai.

Kai nodded “Fought, the other party is just a distraction, I am no match for him at all.”

“He does not want to kill you, if he wanted to kill you, it would only take a breath.”

“You are still of use to him, but he is always underestimating you, and that is exactly what I want.”

Mr Shi said slowly!

When Kai heard this, his brow furrowed slightly, and he was somewhat less than convinced in his heart “If I use the Divine King’s Bow and the Dragon Tattooed Bell, there is no way to follow that great power and fight against it?”

“Counterbalance?” Mr. Shi laughed “As I said, you have no way to bring out the strength of the Dragon Tattooed Bell and the Divine King’s Bow, so how can you resist?”

“Mr. Shi, if you and that great power were to compare, who would be stronger?”

In Kai’s eyes, Mr. Shi’s strength was also unfathomable!

“He and I can only be considered half and half, except that I’m afraid I won’t survive more than a month.”

Mr Shi said!

Mr. Shi’s tone was very plain, for death, Mr. Shi didn’t seem to be afraid at all!

“Why? Is Mr. Shi suffering from some strange disease?”

“I’ll give Mr. Shi a look, I’m sure I can find a cure!”

Kai was full of tension!

He had to know that he had always had Mr. Shi’s figure by his side all the way, and without Mr. Shi, Kai did not know if he would have made it this far.

Moreover, Ji Ru Xue and the girls had all received Mr Shi’s true teachings, so it was obvious that Mr Shi was doing this for himself too!

Now that Mr. Shi was unexpectedly dying soon, how could Kai not be nervous and anxious!

Mr. Shi waved his hand and said “It’s useless, this is fate, you can’t change it ……”

“Could it be that you are so strong that there is no way to change the destiny?” Kai asked.

Mr. Shi looked at Kai and suddenly smiled “Your insight still needs to grow, when you get to other realms, you will understand what I said today ……”

Kai was deep in thought, he found that every time he met Mr. Shi, he was struck by a deep blow!

Now that he was already a strong person in the Clutching Realm, with the Dragon Tattooed Bell and the Divine King’s Bow in his hands, and with the addition of the Dragon Cutting Sword, Kai always felt that he was already very powerful.

But now that he had been told by Mr. Shi, this point of his strength was simply not enough, and with the divine weapons in his hands, there was no way for him to truly bring his strength into play!


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