A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2420

“Hahahaha, I said I wouldn’t kill you, so why bother doing it ……”

The great power laughed harshly “When the Aura Recovery Formation is activated, I will let you know that right now, you are just a jumping clown.”

After saying that, the great power’s body slowly disappeared …………

After Da Neng’s body disappeared, Kai sat down on his butt, the punch he just followed Da Neng against caused Kai to collect internal injuries!

“Master ……”

“Kai ……”

Fire Phoenix, Han Qing’er, and Han Fusheng hurriedly ran over!

“Don’t be nervous, I’m fine ……”

Kai smiled faintly and waved his hand towards the crowd, telling them not to worry!

“This great power is too strong, in front of him, I feel like I don’t even have the ability to move a bit!”

Han Fusheng said with a palpitating heart.

“This is just one of his doppelgangers, the strength of that great power’s main body is estimated to be even more powerful ……”

Kai said slowly!

Hearing this, everyone was silent, this great power was so powerful, how could Kai be a match for him!

After Kai had seen this great power’s strength today, he also knew that even if he had the Divine King’s Bow and the power of the Dao pattern, he probably wasn’t a match for that great power!

In his opinion, this great power was no worse than those few devils, and it looked like the great power also knew those devils, or else he wouldn’t have said what he just said!

“Who is this great power of the Demon Heart Sect, anyway?”

Kai fell into deep thought!

Just at this time, Long Ruotong and Ji Ruxue and the girls came, because they heard the commotion over here and were afraid that Kai would be in danger, so they all ran here!

“Kai, are you alright?”

When Long Ruotong saw that Kai did not look too well, she hurriedly asked with concern.

“Mom, I’m fine ……”

Kai hurriedly said with a smile when he saw Long Ruitong coming!

Seeing that Kai was really fine, the crowd put their minds at ease!

Originally, Han Fusheng wanted Kai to rest for a few days at the Purple Sky Mansion before leaving, but Kai was in a hurry to get back to Kyoto and didn’t stay at the Thunder Gate Secret Realm!

Kai let the Fire Phoenix take those demonic beasts back to the Demonic Beast Secret Realm, he knew he would need the Fire Phoenix again in the future, after all, Kai had only solved one of the eight secret realms!

“Qing’er, you are now Kai’s woman, remember to serve him well and don’t play small ……”

An Ling Rong admonished Han Qing’er.

“Mom, I know!” Han Qing’er nodded her head!

After following Han Fusheng and his wife to say goodbye, Kai and the others teleported back to Kyoto!

When Long Ruotong re-entered the Long Family, looking so the Long Family had long since changed into something new, and the entire Long Clan had already become the largest clan in the entire Kyoto!

Seeing what Kai had achieved today, Long Ruotong was inwardly overjoyed!

Ji Ruoxue knew that Kai had just met with his mother and must have had a lot to say, so she took a group of girls and left, leaving Kai and Long Ruitong some space!

Mother and son talked almost all night long, as if they had endless words to say!

“Mom, who is my father anyway? I’m curious now, many of them call me the son of a dragon, what’s going on? And the Dragon Butler said that my father abandoned you and left us behind, is that true or not?”

Kai asked to Long Ruotong.

He was eager to know what his father really was.

Why he had abandoned them then, mother and son, and caused his own mother to be locked up in the Long family for over twenty years!

After hearing this, Long Ruotong fell into deep thought and did not speak for a long time!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly said, “Mom, if you don’t want to talk about it, then don’t. Now that we are reunited, I’m content.”

Kai knew that he might have brought up his mother’s sadness, for if it had not been for this incident, his grandfather might not have died.

“There’s nothing you can’t say …………”

Long Ruotong looked out the window and slowly spoke up “Your father was a great hero, a hero of the world, you should not hate him, he must have had a reason for abandoning us both, the Heavenly Dragon Ring in your hand, and the gongfu you cultivated, all belonged to your father.”

“His identity is definitely not simple, yet I never asked him what he was, no matter what he did, it was always your father.”


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