A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2419

“Want to leave? Ask me?”

Seeing that Lu Buwei was leaving, Kai leapt after him!

Seeing this, Da Neng flicked his palm, and a huge force instantly tipped Kai out!

“Kid, if you weren’t needed in the Aura Recovery Formation, do you think you would have survived until now?”

The great power looked at Kai and said with disdain!

Kai stared deadly at the great power in front of him, his right fist clenched tightly, followed by the divine dragon power within his body exploding to the extreme!

“Holy Light Fist …………”

Kai shouted explosively, a brilliant golden light exploded, and a huge golden dragon instantly appeared.

The dragon roared and hissed as a dragon breath gushed out, heading straight for that great power!

“You still want to resist?”

The great power faced the golden dragon in front of him and was not even the slightest bit afraid!

Only to see the great power flick his hand once again, the aura from his body rolled out, only to follow that golden dragon as it collided into each other!

Boom …………

An explosion was heard as the golden dragon instantly turned into nothingness, and Kai’s body was sent flying high by the tremendous recoil!

Even though Kai had punched with all his might, he had no power to fight back in front of this great power!

But as Kai’s body was sent flying into mid-air, a divine bow suddenly appeared in his hand!

The power of the Dao pattern condensed between Kai’s hands, and Kai fiercely pulled the divine King’s Bow!

Countless auras instantly surged through the heavens and the earth, forming a golden arrow feather between that Divine King’s Bow.

When Han Fusheng and the others saw the God King’s Bow suddenly appear in Kai’s hand, they all froze, their faces full of disbelief!

Because the aura emanating from that Divine King’s Bow was enough to crush them all!

The moment Kai took out the Divine King’s Bow, even that great power’s expression was slightly stunned!

Whoosh …………

Before the crowd could react, Kai shot out an arrow!

The golden arrow feather, trailing a blazing flame, flew out like a meteor, as fast as it could be!

Only Kai’s arrow was not shot towards the great power, but towards Lu Buwei, who had already run away for more than ten miles!

Lu Bu Wei was still rejoicing at this moment that he had escaped with his life!

But he knew that he had used his last life-preserving token, and that in future, he was afraid that he would be no match for the other few purple-robed messengers in the Demon Heart Sect!

Even Lu Bu Wei didn’t expect that they, the purple-robed messengers, would be in every secret realm, and up to now Lu Bu Wei still didn’t know what the true identities of the other purple-robed messengers were!

But just then, Lu Bu Wei suddenly felt a dangerous aura approaching, the kind of suffocating oppression that made Lu Bu Wei turn back with a jerk!

The moment Lu Bu Wei turned back, he saw a dazzling golden light coming towards him!

The golden light pierced through Lu Bu Wei’s body in an instant, before he had time to react!

Lu Bu Wei’s eyes were wide open as he looked at his own body in disbelief!

There was not the slightest damage to his body, not even a painful sensation!

Lu Buwei froze, and just before he could understand what was happening, suddenly his body began to bulge!

Boom …………

An explosion resounded through the heavens, and Lu Bu Wei’s body was instantly blown to powder, this time not even his soul could remain, and he would never have the chance to reshape his physical body again!

Kai looked at the smoke stirred up by the explosion in the distance, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as his body slowly fell down!

Just now, Kai had not thought of defeating the great power when he struck out at him, he wanted to let his opponent down and then strike at Lu Buwei by surprise!

And that great power heard the distant explosion and instantly understood what was going on, but at this moment the great power was not the least bit angry!

“God King’s Bow, I didn’t expect you to have obtained the God King’s Bow ……”

“Looks like those old guys treated you well, the power of the dao pattern was passed on to you!”

The tone of the great power carried a bit of surprise!

“Cut the crap and do it ……”

Kai pulled the Divine King’s Bow and another arrow feather appeared!


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