A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2418

When Lu Bu Wei saw this, he had already turned as scared as dirt and turned and ran!

“You can’t run away ……”

Kai leapt forward, then viciously stepped on that Lu Bu Wei’s back, directly making Lu Bu Wei fall down!

Boom ……

Lu Bu Wei fell with a loud bang, smashing a deep crater in the ground, and a cloud of smoke shot up into the sky!

Han Fusheng and the others looked at the scene before them, dumbfounded and not knowing what to do!

Thousands of people were being chased and torn apart by demonic beasts, there were wails and broken limbs everywhere, the bloody scene made Han Qing’er couldn’t help but close her eyes!

Han Fusheng was originally not sure that Kai was capable of holding off the Ruined Moon Fortress, but now not only had he held it off, he had almost wiped it out!

Lu Buwei was also easily taken down by Kai!

The strength Kai had shown had completely overturned Han Fusheng’s imagination, he didn’t know what Kai had gone through in the past few months, his strength had increased so rapidly!

Lu Bu Wei stood up from the deep pit bathed in blood, covered in wretchedness!

“Kai, I am the purple-robed emissary of the Demon Heart Sect, if you dare to kill me, the mighty will make your girlfriend in the secret realm, dead and buried ……”

Lu Buwei began that Su Yuqi to threaten Kai!

After all, Su Yuqi was trapped in the secret realm of the Question Sect, and the people of the Demon Heart Sect could strike at them at any time!

“Lu Bu Wei, have you forgotten what you just said? They won’t be in danger until the Great Aura Recovery Formation is activated, and that great power won’t be able to destroy his life’s work for you!”

Kai knew that Su Yuqi and the others with special physiques were the key to the Aura Recovery Grand Formation, and that Demon Heart Sect would not kill them easily.

Seeing that there was no way to fool Kai, Lu Bu Wei’s face could not be more ugly!

Now that he was badly injured, he was no longer a match for Kai!

“Looks like I’ll just have to seek help ……”

Lu Bu Wei finished and pulled out an incomparably black token from his pocket, the token was so dark that it was impossible to see what was written on it!

Only to see Lu Bu Wei force out a drop of essence blood from his forehead, which was then absorbed by that token!

The token emitted a burst of hot flame, and then from the flame, a human figure slowly appeared ……

The person is dressed in a black robe, the whole person seems to be in the void of space, it is impossible to see the appearance!

But when this figure appeared, an incomparably terrifying and appalling aura instantly permeated the entire Thunder Gate Secret Realm!

Those demonic beasts that were originally killing each other actually stopped at this moment, looking at this figure with fright in their eyes!

“Master, the aura from this person is too powerful ……”

After seeing the figure that appeared, Fire Phoenix said to Kai with a grave expression on his face!

Kai also felt this aura, and at this moment, the Dao power within Kai’s body was actually starting to surge!

Kai frowned slightly, not understanding why his Daoist power reacted so violently after this figure appeared.

“My subordinate pays respects to the great power ……”

Seeing the figure that appeared, Lu Buwei hurriedly knelt down to pay his respects!

As soon as Kai heard this, the muscles on his face instantly began to twitch and his fists clenched together tightly!

This was the first time he had come into such close contact with this supreme being of the Demon Heart Sect!

Han Fusheng’s face was also ugly at this moment, he didn’t expect the Demon Heart Sect’s supreme being to be so terrifyingly strong that he was afraid that even the Eight Great Mystic Realms wouldn’t be able to find a single person who could stand up to him!

“Rubbish thing, can’t even get this done, all the other secret realms have been completed while you’re mother-in-law needing to invite me here ……”

The great power’s voice was low as he reprimanded Lu Buwei!

Lu Bu Wei was on his knees, trembling all over!

“Leave this place to me, you can go now ……”

With a wave of his hand, Da Neng told Lu Bu Wei to leave.

Lu Buwei hurriedly got up, turned around and left!


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