A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2417

“Are these demonic beasts all my minions, obeying my orders, better than your five black and dumb heads?”

Kai said with a sneer as he looked at Lu Bu Wei.

“How is that possible? This is a demonic beast from the Demonic Beast Secret Realm, how could they all listen to you?”

Lu Bu Wei did not believe it, how could so many demonic beasts listen to Kai!

“If you don’t believe me, then I’ll give you a try!”

After Kai finished speaking, he turned towards the dozen large demonic beasts and said, “You guys go and bite those five black and dull guys to death ……”

With Kai’s order, a dozen large demonic beasts hissed and attacked!

The five hellish demon beasts were no match for them, and they were bitten and ran around, trying to escape back through the crack!

But those demonic beasts would not let them go, and after only a few minutes, the five hellish demonic beasts summoned by Lu Buwei were reduced to a pile of white bones!

At this moment, Lu Bu Wei looked at those white bones, and his face became very complicated in expression.

Finally, Lu Bu Wei let out a long sigh and slowly spoke, “Kai, your strength is indeed beyond my imagination, but it is ultimately impossible for you to save the Violet Sky Mansion, in the future, in the entire secular world, as well as in these eight secret realms, there will be no other sects except those of the Demon Heart Sect.”

“I now have thousands of disciples, even if I destroy the entire Thunder Sect Secret Realm, you will never leave this place.”

“Remnant Moon Fort disciples, listen to the order …………”

Lu Bu Wei suddenly let out an explosive shout!

Thousands of disciples from the Remnant Moon Fort gathered around in the blackness and then responded loudly “Yes …………”

Thousands of people shouted in unison with such a shocking force that the people of the Purple Sky Mansion were scared to the point of trembling in their legs!

Even Han Fusheng’s face was pale, so many people, even if Kai is powerful, with the help of the fire phoenix and these demonic beasts, but to deal with thousands of people, in the end, I am afraid to die of exhaustion.

Kai’s face was full of a cold smile as he swept a glance at the thousands of disciples of Ruined Moon Fort, his eyes filled with disdain!

Kai glanced at Fire Phoenix, who nodded slightly, the two of them sharing the same mind!

Immediately afterwards, the Fire Phoenix let out a kind of low voice from its mouth!

A dozen demonic beasts around them raised their voices to the sky, and along with the voices of these demonic beasts, the entire Thunder Gate Secret Realm earth began to tremble violently!

The crowd then saw from afar the rolling city of smoke, swarming like a sandstorm!

The extremely terrifying aura turned into gusts of wind, blowing so hard that people couldn’t stand up!

“What is this? This breath is so terrifying ……”

Han Fusheng tightly shielded Han Qing’er.

And Lu Buwei was also full of gloom, looking at the rolling smoke from far and near!

Soon, the smoke city dispersed, the crowd then saw, countless demonic beasts dense boundless ……

The first time I saw this scene, Lu Bu Wei, directly braked, he had never seen so many demon beasts!

Is this inviting all the demonic beasts in the entire demonic beast secret realm?

The thousands of disciples from the Ruined Moon Fort, who were now looking at the endless demonic beasts in front of them, were also trembling on their legs, without the domineering aura they had just had!

Some of the more cowardly disciples of the Ruined Moon Fort had already wet their trousers!

“Lu Buwei, although I don’t have as many people as you, but these demonic beast minions of mine can keep your …… company well.”

Kai looked at Lu Bu Wei like that and said with a face full of smugness!

At this moment, Lu Bu Wei’s face was as ugly as if he had eaten shit!

His body involuntarily retreated backwards, facing so many demonic beasts, he knew he had no chance of winning, even with thousands of disciples around, it would be useless!

Seeing Lu Buwei trying to escape, Kai glanced at the fire phoenix!

The fire phoenix nodded and waved his hand, “Strike! …………”

Countless demonic beasts roared and rushed towards the disciples of Ruined Moon Fort!

In an instant, the entire Thunder Gate Secret Realm was like a purgatory, wailing and wailing!

The disciples of the Ruined Moon Fort fled in all directions, with countless demonic beasts chasing after them!


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