A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2416

Lu Buwei’s face was filled with shock as he looked at the dancing fire phoenix!

One must know that Kai’s fire phoenix was real, while his hellish vicious dog was merely a condensation of Yin Qi!

“Kai, I really didn’t expect that you would have the help of a divine beast like the fire phoenix?”

Lu Buwei could not understand how Kai could have the help of a divine beast at this realm of strength?

One must know that divine beasts like the Fire Phoenix could only be found in the Celestial Realm or the Immortal Realm!

At this moment, after helping Kai out of his crisis, the fire phoenix turned into a human form after a hover in mid-air and landed by Kai’s side!

Everyone was shocked to see the fire phoenix transform into a charming young girl!

After all, whether it was a demonic beast or a divine beast, if it could take human form, then its strength must not be low!

“Master, this vicious dog dares to bully master, let me destroy him ……”

As Fire Phoenix finished speaking, his palm flashed and a ball of scorching hot flames descended from the sky and smashed into the huge hellish vicious dog like a cannonball!

The Hell Vicious Dog didn’t even have time to howl, it was instantly crushed and dissipated back into a black mist!

“Lu Bu Wei, whatever else you can do, feel free to use it ……”

Kai said as he looked at the dumbfounded Lu Bu Wei!

At this moment, Lu Bu Wei’s face couldn’t be more ugly.

“Kai, you forced me to do this ……”

After Lu Bu Wei finished speaking, he spat out a mouthful of blood onto the ground!

The blood instantly seeped into the ground, and immediately afterwards the earth began to tremble as a crack began to spread from underneath Lu Bu Wei’s feet!

Along with a cloud of black mist rising from the ground, five huge bodies crawled out!

These were five black-covered demonic beasts, each with an insidiously cold aura constantly emanating from its mouth!

“Kai, this time it’s not a demonic beast condensed from Yin Qi, this is a real hellish demonic beast, even if you have the help of the Fire Phoenix, you won’t be able to escape their clutches ……”

Lu Buwei shouted furiously as the five demonic beasts surrounded Kai and the Fire Phoenix!

Seeing this, Han Fusheng wanted to come forward to help, but was stopped by Kai!

“Master Han, just watch quietly, it’s just a Ruined Moon Fortress, there’s no need for you to make a move.”

Kai had a confident face, even if he was facing five hellish demonic beasts, Kai was not the least bit afraid!

“Kai, you’ve slept with my Qing’er, you’re still calling me Master of Han Mansion, how insulting, I’m just waiting to hold my grandson.”

An Lingrong said to Kai.

“Mom, what nonsense ……,” Han Qing’er instantly filled with red face.

Fire Phoenix turned her head to look at Kai, who in turn was a little embarrassed.

“I also want to give my master a little dragon child ……” said Fire Phoenix in a small voice after Kai!

Kai had his head down at the moment and didn’t know what to say!

When Lu Buwei saw that Kai was surrounded by so many hellish demon beasts of his own and was still not nervous and worried at all, he was furious!

“Kai, still in the mood for flirting at the end of your life, today I will let you go to hell to accompany my son ……”

After saying that, Lu Bu Wei commanded the five hellish demon beasts to attack towards Kai and Fire Phoenix!

The fire phoenix looked at Lu Bu Wei with disdain and said “A mere five demonic beasts, how dare they disrespect their master?”

After saying this, the fire phoenix cried out, and suddenly the sky and earth were darkened, and the void then trembled violently!

A dozen huge figures slowly flew out of the darkness!

Flying eagle, leopard, tiger hunting …………

All of them were large demonic beasts, and each of them carried an incomparably strong aura!

These suddenly appearing demonic beasts instantly protected Kai and Fire Phoenix in the middle!

Roar …………

With a hissing roar, these demonic beasts scared Lu Buwei’s five hellish demonic beasts from stepping forward at once!

Lu Buwei, who saw this scene, was directly dumbfounded!

“Isn’t this …… the demonic beasts in the Demonic Beast Secret Realm? How did it teleport itself here?”

Lu Bu Wei did not understand how the demonic beasts in the Demonic Beast Secret Realm could have left the Demonic Beast Secret Realm?

You should know that many of these demonic beasts have opened their spiritual wisdom and can understand human speech, but they have no way to cross the teleportation array!

Now that these demonic beasts had suddenly appeared in the Thunder Gate Secret Realm, it made Lu Bu Wei very puzzled.


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