A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2415

Lu Buwei’s body leaps up, followed by the heavy hammer coming down hard on Kai!

Only to see the air around him instantly turn white, sealing Kai directly around him!

“Kai ……”

Seeing this, Han Qing’er shouted out and tried to help!

She didn’t expect that Kai would be down as soon as she struck!

She was one of Kai’s people, so she couldn’t just watch Kai die in front of her, if she was going to die, both of them would die together!

Han Fusheng grabbed Han Qing’er, he knew that Han Qing’er would die even if she rushed up to him!

“Daughter, don’t go, I’ll do it ……”

Han Fusheng was ready to step in to save Kai.

Although Han Fusheng’s strength was no match for Lu Buwei, at a time like this, he could only fight to save Kai!

But just as Han Fusheng was about to make his move, he noticed that a ball of red flames began to erupt around Kai, and the originally condensed space instantly became torn apart!

The Dragon Cutting Sword in Chen’s hand swung upwards with all its might, and a terrifying sword aura went straight at Lu Buwei!

Boom …………

After a loud sound, the heavy hammer in Lu Bu Wei’s hand, which was condensed with black mist, actually became shattered instantly, and the huge impact directly lifted Lu Bu Wei out!

“How dare you say you can crush me with just one hand with this ability?”

Kai said with a cold snort!

Lu Buwei was tipped out and then landed on the ground, taking several steps backwards in quick succession before he could stabilise himself!

“How can you be so strong?”

Lu Bu Wei was filled with disbelief!

And when Han Fusheng saw that Kai had repelled Lu Buwei with a single sword, he was instantly excited inside!

It seemed that he had asked Han Qing’er to follow Kai, he had really followed the right one, Kai would definitely have a great future!

“It’s you who’s too weak ……”

Kai finished and raised the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand high!

The golden sword aura shot up into the sky and drove straight into the sky!

Kai swung his arms and fiercely slashed down with his sword!

Like a tsunami, the huge sword aura spread out towards Lu Buwei!

Seeing this, Lu Bu Wei’s face bulged with veins, feeling the increasing pressure, the whole person hissed “I am not weak, I am the strongest ……”

The black fog in the sky instantly began to shrink, and then the black fog coalesced into a huge evil dog that leapt down from mid-air!

With a roar, a huge sound wave instantly shattered Kai’s golden sword aura!

Lu Buwei leapt and stood on top of the vicious dog, looking down at Kai below!

“Kai, this is the vicious dog of hell, no one can escape from his mouth ……”

Lu Bu Wei said coldly!

“Hmph, this is just the result of the coalescence of Yin Qi, and to call it a vicious dog of hell is ridiculous ……”

Kai snorted coldly, surprisingly unconcerned!

“Seeking death ……” Lu Bu Wei stepped on the back of the vicious dog and swooped towards Kai!

Only to see the vicious dog let out a roar as a stream of insidious cold air rolled out, instantly freezing the surroundings!

A thick frost once again condensed around Kai, binding him to death.

This time, the frost was even stronger than Lu Buwei’s just now!

Han Fusheng and Han Qing’er, who saw this scene, were both worried for Kai, they didn’t expect this Lu Buwei to have such tactics!

As they watched Lu Bu Wei drive the Hell Vicious Dog towards Kai, who was unable to move, a clear cry suddenly sounded in the sky.

Immediately afterwards, they saw a phoenix bird burning with flames all over its body appear, its huge body covering the top of Kai’s head!

The icy cold aura, under the incitement of the phoenix bird’s huge wings, instantly dissipated and the thick frost on Kai’s body disappeared!

“This is the phoenix, the Fire Phoenix …………”

Han Qing’er shouted excitedly!

Han Fusheng, on the other hand, was full of shock, he didn’t understand how a phoenix bird could suddenly appear? Moreover, this phoenix bird looked like it had come to help Kai.


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