A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2414

Like a kite with a broken string, Lui Plant’s body flew straight out and then landed heavily on the ground!

“Son …………”

Lu Bu Wei was so shocked that he rushed after him!

Han Fusheng looked at Kai in shock, he didn’t expect Kai’s strength to be so strong already, although Lu Buwei’s strength in the younger generation wasn’t the strongest, it was still not weak, now he was kicked away by Kai without even looking at him, it could be seen how terrifying Kai’s strength already was!

And Han Qing’er was even looking at Kai with a fascinated face at this moment, she was just too handsome looking at Kai now!

“Son, son …………”

“Ah …… I’ll kill you all …………”

Outside, the roar of Lu Buwei’s violent rage rang out with such terror that the houses around him shook!

Han Fusheng and the others rushed out of the room and saw that Lu Buwei was now bleeding from his seven orifices, his eyes were wide open, he had long since lost his breath and was somewhat dead!

Han Fusheng was once again shocked, Kai’s casual kick had directly killed Lv factory?

“Kai, I will break you into pieces, into pieces …………”

Lu Buwei roared in anger as a surging aura pervaded his body!

At Lu Bu Wei’s brow, a black mark slowly appeared, and the entire sky suddenly began to grow dim as the sky was enveloped in a black mist!

The clothes on Lu Bu Wei’s body became torn apart, a purple robe was draped over Lu Bu Wei’s body, and at this moment Lu Bu Wei’s face also began to blur, a black mist enveloped his head!

“Purple-robed messenger?” Seeing Lu Bu Wei in this outfit, the corners of Kai’s mouth lifted slightly “It’s just right today, I’m following your Demon Heart Sect’s grudge, and it’s time to settle it ……”

“Kai, don’t think you’re great, the reason you’re still alive now is because the Aura Recovery Grand Formation, still needs you.”

“When the Aura Recovery Grand Formation is activated, after a wisp of your divine soul is completely sacrificed, you will be worse off than dead ……”

Lu Buwei looked coldly at Kai, his entire body shrouded in black mist, just like a devil!

“Aura Recovery Formation?” Kai was somewhat puzzled, not understanding what this grand formation was.

At this moment, Han Fusheng said, “This Aura Recovery Formation existed a long time ago, and was set up by the Patriarch of the Way of the Inquirer Sect, only that this formation was not activated when the Way of the Inquirer Sect was suddenly destroyed.”

“This formation requires eight people with special physiques, and then it is activated with a special incantation, but I just don’t know why someone from the Demon Heart Sect would be able to activate this formation.”

As soon as Kai heard this, he instantly recalled what happened in the secret realm of the Questioning Sect!

Su Yuqi and the girls were trapped in the secret realm, and there were several more people with special physiques, and now Kai knew why the Demon Heart Sect wanted to capture these people!

And Kai himself was also considered a special physique, and after thinking about those stone statues in the cave in the secret realm of the Daoist Sect, Kai knew that the great formation must be related to those weird stone statues!

“So the Demon Heart Sect is playing such a big game of chess, it seems they want to rule the entire secular world ……”

Kai said slowly!

“Hmph, you underestimate us too much, our ambition is not just to rule the secular world ……”

Lu Bu Wei said with a cold snort!

“Whatever your ambition is, it will never be realized, today I will take your dog’s life ……”

As Kai finished speaking, his aura began to rise up from his body as well!

But the aura that Kai was emitting at this moment was a far cry from Lu Buwei!

“How dare you speak big words with this ability ……”

After Lu Bu Wei finished speaking, he reached out and grabbed his hand towards the sky, the rolling black mist in the sky instantly formed a heavy hammer in Lu Bu Wei’s hand!

The heavy hammer emitted a gust of cold aura, as if the air around it was going to be condensed!


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