A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2413

Day 2!

Lu Buwei and his son, who had not waited for Han Qing’er for a long time, came to the Purple Sky Mansion again!

“Han Fusheng, how dare you f*cking trick me? Even if you hand over your daughter today, it’s too late, I will destroy your entire Purple Sky Mansion ……”

Feeling that he had been tricked, Lu Bu Wei said with a face full of anger.

At this time, Han Fusheng, with Kai’s assurance, was no longer afraid of Lu Buwei, and sneered “Lu Buwei, if you want to destroy my Purple Sky Mansion, I’m afraid you don’t have the ability to do so ……”

Lu Bu Wei was stunned and said with a slight frown “It seems that you have found reinforcements, otherwise you wouldn’t dare to talk to me with such an attitude, but I tell you, whoever you find is useless, unless you defect to our Demon Heart Sect, no one can save you ……”

“Is that so? Can I save him then?”

Just then, Kai took Han Qing’er’s hand and walked out!

Han Qing’er’s face was red at this moment, as if she was a red-headed apple, and there was a womanly smell about her, so it was obvious that last night Han Qing’er had gone through her own transformation!

“Qing’er, you guys …………”

Lv factory saw that Han Qing’er followed Kai out surprisingly hand in hand, and was instantly furious!

“Kai?” After seeing Kai, Lu Bu Wei was slightly stunned, after all, everyone had seen Kai’s performance at the Secret World Conference.

“Han Fusheng, the reason why you’ve become arrogant is not because you found this kid, right? With his current strength, I can easily crush him with one hand, believe it or not?”

Lu Buwei said with carelessness!

Although Kai had performed brightly in the Secret Realm Assembly and his strength was not bad, but that was a comparison among the younger generation, if we were to compare him with them, Kai’s strength would not be enough!

But Lu Bu Wei didn’t know that the Kai of today was no longer the Kai of a few months ago!

Kai, at the peak of the Jiaohe realm, with the God King’s Bow in his hand, could easily crush him, Lu Buwei!

Han Fusheng didn’t say anything, but looked at Kai, because he didn’t know what Kai’s strength was at the moment, and whether he could really beat Lu Buwei!

Moreover, Lu Bu Wei had hundreds of disciples outside watching him intently, while Kai was still alone so far, without seeing the reinforcements Kai had brought in!

“Can you crush me with one hand, you’ll have to try to find out ……”

Kai smiled coldly and said to Lu Bu Wei!

“If you want to die, then I will kill you first, before exterminating the Purple Sky Mansion ……”

Lu Bu Wei’s eyes gaped as a cold aura instantly shot out, about to strike at Kai!

“Dad ……” Lv Factory stopped Lu Bu Wei, and then angrily looked at Han Qing’er and said “Qing’er, you and I are childhood friends, I like you so much, can’t you see that?”

“If you’re willing to marry me now, I can convince my father to let your purple sky house go.”

“I don’t understand, what exactly is that Kai better than me?”

Factory Lu shouted, seemingly about to lose her mind!

“Lv factory, die to your heart, I am now Kai’s man in life and Kai’s ghost in death, I am already his ……”

Han Qing’er finished and gave Kai an affectionate glance, it seemed that last night Kai had completely conquered her!

Lv factory directly froze, his face full of incredulity!

“No, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible, you’re lying to me, you’re definitely not that kind of casual woman, for so many years, you don’t even let your hand be pulled, you’re such an innocent girl ah ……”

Lv factory simply did not believe that Han Qing’er would have followed Kai and done that kind of thing!

“Lv factory, wake up, I don’t let you hold hands, it’s because I don’t like you, when I meet a man I like, I’m willing to give everything I have ……”

Han Qing’er’s words, once again, deeply irritated Lv factory!

“Ah …………” Lv factory hissed, as if crazy “Kai, I will kill you, I will break you into pieces ……”

After saying that, Lv factory burst out his whole body and rushed towards Kai!

“Humph!” Kai coldly snorted, not even giving that Lv Factory a proper glance as he raised his foot and sent Lv Factory flying!


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