A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2412

“Kai, what about it? Figured it out yet?”

Han Qing’er asked anxiously when she saw that Kai had returned!

If Kai didn’t have a solution, then they were afraid that the Purple Sky Mansion would be completely finished!

Han Fusheng and his wife also looked at Kai nervously, no one wanted to die, if Kai had a solution, then they wouldn’t have to wait to die!

Kai looked at Han Qing’er’s expectant eyes, then nodded and said “Don’t worry, as long as that Lu Buwei and his son dare to come tomorrow, I will make it impossible for him to return.”

“Kai, are you really sure?” Han Fusheng asked with some disbelief.

“Of course, since I said so, I am sure I am sure!”

Kai said with great confidence.

Seeing how confident Kai was, Han Fusheng also breathed a sigh of relief!

Now we only have to wait for tomorrow!

At night, Han Fusheng left Kai to stay at the Purple Sky Mansion for the night, while Long Ruitong and the girls stayed in that cave, after all, if Kai fought tomorrow, even though he was sure, if he really let his mother get hurt by accident, Kai would not be able to forgive himself!

So he asked Ji Ruxue and the girls to protect his mother, while Kai himself stayed at the Purple Sky Mansion to deal with Lu Buwei and his father who were coming tomorrow!

“Qing’er, you are not too young, there are some things you should understand.”

“Although Kai has many women around him, he is a rare talent, you should seize the opportunity ……”

“If Kai really helps our Violet Sky House get through this, we should also repay people.”

“Do you know what your mother and I mean?”

Han Fusheng and An Lingsheng were persuading Han Qing’er!

They knew their daughter’s nature, and after seeing how many women Kai had, they were afraid that Han Qing’er would resist Kai!

Han Qing’er slowly nodded “Dad, mum, I know what you guys mean, I actually like Kai too ……”

“Silly child, since you like it, you have to take the initiative, tonight is a good night.”

“If other women were present around Kai, think about it would still be your turn?”

“You don’t have any experience at all, you’ll be at a disadvantage then.”

An Lingrong hurriedly said to Han Qing’er!

Han Qing’er’s face was red with shame, biting her lips to death as she got up and said “I know what to do ……”

After saying that, Han Qing’er walked out of the room, while Han Fusheng and his wife looked at each other with a smile!

At this time, Kai was lying on his bed, thinking about the countermeasures to deal with Lu Buwei and his father tomorrow!

The door to the room was gently pushed open and a woman’s body odour came through, Kai didn’t need to look to know who it was!

Kai pretended to close his eyes.

Han Qing’er walked up to Kai naked, looking at the already sleeping Kai, Han Qing’er was full of hesitation!

But in the end, she gritted her teeth, lay down next to Kai and got under Kai’s blanket!

Han Qing’er leaned her head on Kai’s chest, and only at this time did Han Qing’er feel a sense of security.

And as Kai smelled Han Qing’er’s body fragrance and felt the tender skin, he could no longer restrain the fire in his heart, having already tasted the sweetness!

He rolled over and pinned Han Qing’er underneath him!

Han Qing’er panicked and was about to say something, but Kai directly gagged her …………

“Ah …………”

A blissful cry emanated from Kai’s room and resounded throughout the entire Purple Sky Mansion!

When Han Fusheng and An Lingsheng heard the sound, they immediately heard it, it was from their own daughter!

Both of them heaved a sigh of relief and looked towards the room where Kai was!

Only to see that Kai’s room was so brightly lit up with golden light that the entire Purple Sky Mansion was almost enveloped in this golden light!

Looking at the blinding golden light, Han Fusheng was filled with shock.

“This Kai, he is truly extraordinary, it seems that we have made the right choice.”

Han Fusheng said slowly.

“No, I saw at a glance that the lad was not simple ……”

An Ling Rong is full of smiles, there is a mother-in-law look at the aunt, the more you look the more you like!


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