A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2411

Kai found the teleportation array and teleported directly to the Demon Beast Secret Realm!

After sensing that someone had arrived, the demonic beasts in the Demonic Beast Secret Realm began to move!

There was a constant stream of demonic beast auras approaching towards Kai!

But when these demonic beasts got close to Kai, they all froze, then raised their voices to the sky and stood on two sides to welcome Kai!

Along with the long whistles of these demonic beasts, a huge flying bird rose from the demonic beast mountain range and landed in front of Kai!

The bird fluttered its wings, meaning to let Kai sit on it!

Kai leapt onto the bird, and then the bird shot up into the sky and flew straight to the top of the demonic beast mountain range!

Looking at the familiar little house, Kai leapt off the bird and hurriedly rushed in!

“Master …………”

The figure of the fire phoenix was still in the little house, completely naked, looking at Kai with a smile!

Kai let out a long sigh of relief when he saw that Fire Phoenix was safe and sound!

“Fire Phoenix, when I was injured and unconscious, was it you who saved me?”

Kai asked as he turned to Fire Phoenix.

After all, Kai was unconscious at the time and knew nothing, and then he was just guessing!

The fire phoenix nodded “At that time, when the master was injured, I had no choice but to force out one of my own souls and spirits and then follow the master to intermingle and form the power of the dragon and phoenix, before healing the master.”

“I hope master doesn’t blame me, I had no choice!”

When Kai heard that, it was true that he had followed Fire Phoenix to do that kind of thing while he was in a coma, but he couldn’t blame Fire Phoenix, after all, Fire Phoenix was also trying to save himself!

“I don’t blame you, after all, you did it to save me too.” Kai said.

Seeing that Kai did not blame himself, Fire Phoenix smiled, and then asked, “I wonder if there is anything that Master has come to this Demonic Beast Secret Realm for?”

Kai hurriedly told him the purpose of his visit, but after hearing this, the Fire Phoenix’s expression became a little ugly!

“What’s wrong?” Kai asked as he looked at Fire Phoenix’s expression.

“Master, Fire Phoenix is willing to go through fire and water for you, but now there is no way for me to leave this Demonic Beast Mountain Range.”

Fire Phoenix said.

“Why?” Kai asked, puzzled.

“I surrendered one of my souls and one of my spirits to save my master at that time and became a seal in my master’s body, so I am now a person with an incomplete soul and there is no way for me to leave here!”

The Fire Phoenix said.

Kai frowned slightly after hearing this “What then? I’ll give you your soul, I’ve got more power now.”

“Master can give the soul back to me in, just …… just the two of us have to …… again.”

Fire Phoenix’s little face was blushing, she didn’t know what to say!

But Kai had understood in seconds, he knew what Fire Phoenix meant, if he wanted to hand back his soul, he needed to follow Fire Phoenix that way again to do so!

“I understand ……”

After Kai finished speaking, without the slightest hesitation, he flung Fire Phoenix onto the bed!

It wasn’t the first time for the two anyway, and Kai was completely liberal, his own mother had been saved, so none of the women around him would be able to escape!

A Moment in Time …………

The whole little house was enveloped in golden light, while a dragon and a phoenix rose to the sky, then hovered above the little house!

Countless demonic beasts in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range flocked to the house from all directions, looking at the one dragon and one phoenix flying in the sky, worshipping in unison!

A delightful phoenix cry emanated from inside that room!

The dragon and phoenix hovered in mid-air for a long time, until there were no more sounds in the room, the golden light slowly disappeared, and the dragon and phoenix slowly dissipated!

Inside the room, the fire phoenix nestled in Kai’s arms with a contented expression, just like a docile little cat!

“You wait for my news, and when the time comes, bring these demonic beast men of yours with you and charge towards the Thunder Gate Secret Realm together.”

Kai said to Fire Phoenix!

“Don’t worry master, everything is at your …… disposal,” the fire phoenix nodded!

Kai got up and put on his clothes, then returned to the Thunder Gate Secret Realm!


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