A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2410

When Ji Ru Xue and the girls heard this, they all blushed with shame, while Long Ruotong was a bit impatient to get out of here and go back to Kyoto!

Just as Kai was about to leave with Long Ruotong, Han Fusheng stopped Kai!

Originally, Han Fusheng saw that Kai was good and wanted to give Han Qing’er to Kai, but now Kai had so many women around him.

But if Han Qing’er didn’t follow Kai, then when Lu Buwei and his father came tomorrow, none of their family would be able to escape!

In the end, Han Fusheng could only say to Kai, “Kai, I hope you can take Qing’er with you, if she stays, she will surely die.”

Han Fusheng knew his daughter’s nature, Han Qing’er would never agree to marry the Lu factory, and then Lu Buwei and his son would kill them!

“Dad, I’m not leaving, I’m staying to keep you guys company ……”

Han Qing’er shook her head!

She liked Kai, but she also didn’t expect that Kai would have so many women around him, Han Qing’er was a bit overwhelmed for a while!

Han Qing’er was a bit resistant to the idea of following so many women and sharing one man!

But Han Qing’er didn’t know that all these women around Kai were not golden ladies before!

“Qing’er, you’d better let Kai take you away, it’s pointless for you to stay ……”

An Ling Rong also persuaded Han Qing’er!

Han Qing’er cried out in pain and hugged her mother to death!

“Kai, what’s going on?” Long Ruotong asked when she saw this.

Kai told the story of the Thunder Sect’s secret realm after Long Ruotong, while Long Ruotong’s brow furrowed slightly!

“Kai, if you have a way, why don’t you help House Master Han out?” Long Ruotong said to Kai!

Kai hadn’t originally intended to save the Purple Sky Mansion, after all, within Kai’s perception, his own mother was imprisoned by Han Fusheng!

But now, seeing that his mother was living quite well, and that she had offered to help Han Fusheng, Kai nodded his head!

“Kai, you’d better go, take my daughter with you and treat her well, I’m already grateful.”

“That Lu Buwei is stronger than me, and he has annexed the entire Thunder Gate Secret Realm and has thousands of disciples under him, even if you stay and help me, my Purple Sky Mansion is no match for that Ruined Moon Fortress.”

Han Fusheng wouldn’t let Kai stay and help because he knew his strength, and since Kai and the others were just a few people, even if they stayed and helped, it would still be a drop in the bucket!

“Master Han, I naturally have a way to deal with that Lu Buwei, as for the thousands of disciples of that Ruined Moon Fort, I am thinking of a way!”

Kai had the Divine King’s Bow in his hand, so he was naturally not afraid of Lu Bu Wei, but as for the thousands of disciples of the Ruined Moon Fort, Kai was thinking of another way!

“What else can I do, tomorrow Lu Bu Wei and his son will be coming, there is no time.”

Han Fusheng shook his head in resignation, he no longer had any fighting spirit, he only hoped that his daughter would live!

“There will definitely be a way.” Kai had a determined look on his face, then he turned to Ji Ru Xue and said, “Ru Xue, Yu Han, you guys stay here and take care of my mother, I’ll go and think of a way.”

Ji Ruxue and the girls nodded, while Long Rutong said, “Kai, if there is no way, don’t try to be a hero, safety first ……”

“Mom, don’t worry, if you say something, my son will do it even if he breaks the sky.”

Kai finished speaking and walked straight out!

Kai now had to figure out where he could bring in so many rescuers!

Although Kai had many people in the secular world, they were all too weak, and if they came to this secret realm to fight, they would be cannon fodder, meaningless!

And although Yue Buqun and Qu Yunchang of the Hidden Realm were not weak, they were too few in number, so even if they came, it would be useless!

“Fire Phoenix? I can go to the Demon Beast Secret Realm to find the Fire Phoenix and lead those demon beast armies to help.”

Kai snapped to mind the Fire Phoenix!

Ever since he had been injured and unconscious last time, and followed Fire Phoenix in his sleep to perform conjugal acts and fish-water s*x, Kai was worried about Fire Phoenix too!

He wondered how Fire Phoenix was doing now in order to save himself.


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