A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2409

Kai stood at the entrance of the cave, not daring to push the door in for a long time. He thought about his mother all the time, but when the moment came to see her, Kai didn’t know how to face it!

Just as Kai was standing in front of the door, wanting to push it open, the door of the cave was opened from the inside.

A woman dressed in white came out!

Kai followed the woman and met her eyes on all sides!

Although the two had never met before, at this moment, the feeling that mother and son were linked by blood instantly rose up in their hearts!


Long Ruotong looked at Kai and softly cried out!

“Mom …………”

Kai shouted, tears falling like rain, and with a poof he knelt down in front of Long Ruotong!

Long Ruotong was also instantly in tears, hugging Kai tightly as mother and son let out a cry!

Seeing this scene, Ji Ruoxue and the girls were all in tears as well!

An Ling Rong’s expression was also moved, knowing how much she, as a mother, missed her child!

Looking at Han Fusheng in front of her, An Ling Rong gave a fierce kick.

“It’s all your doing ……”

In An Lingsheng’s opinion, if Han Fusheng hadn’t locked Long Ruotong in this Thunder Gate Secret Realm, perhaps Kai would have followed his mother to meet her long ago!

Han Qing’er also glared at her father in anger, she didn’t expect her father to be such a person!

Han Fusheng wanted to explain, but now he was at a loss for words!

After Kai followed Long Ruotong and cried for a while, Long Ruotong hurriedly greeted the crowd and walked into the cave!

The inside of the cave was warm and luxuriously decorated, so it seemed that Long Ruitong was doing well here!

But Kai wasn’t going to let Han Fusheng go, after all, his mother had been locked up here for so long, if it wasn’t for Han Fusheng, he would have met her a long time ago!

“Mom, you’ve suffered, that Long Jingguo father and son have been killed by me, all those who bullied you, I won’t let any of them go ……”

Kai said, looking at Han Fusheng with icy eyes!

“Kai, don’t misunderstand, I didn’t do anything to your mother, the reason why I left your mother here is also for her safety ……”

Han Fusheng felt the coldness in Kai’s eyes and hurriedly explained!

“Death, it’s true that House Master Han didn’t do anything to me, and it’s been quite good for me to be here all this time.”

Long Ruotong also followed Kai and said!

Hearing Long Ruotong’s words, the cold aura in Kai’s eyes then gradually disappeared!

“Mom, I’m here to take you out of here and back to Kyoto, back to Kyoto so that you can enjoy yourself ……”

Kai said.

“Okay, mum will go with you!” Long Ruotong nodded, then looked at Ji Ruxue and the girls and asked Kai “Who are these girls?”

“They …… them ……”

Kai didn’t know how to introduce Ji Ruxue and the girls for a while.

“Auntie, we are Kai’s girlfriends, so when we return to Kyoto, you can enjoy yourself at ease and we will take care of you.”

Ji Ru Xue slowly stepped forward and graciously followed Long Ruotong and said!

“You all are?” Long Ruotong was a little shocked!

But soon, Long Ruotong’s shock turned into happiness, with a smile on her face, she said “Good …… it’s really great, with so many girlfriends, don’t I have many big grandchildren now?”

Kai lowered his head, did not know how to answer his mother, if said a big grandson did not have, then his mother will not be very disappointed?

At this time Ji Ru Xue hurriedly relieved Kai and said “Auntie, Kai has been thinking about you all this time, he said that he would not share a room with us until you were rescued, so we are still intact ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Kai and say, “This silly child doesn’t know which is more important? If you can’t save me for ten years, don’t you want a child for ten years?”

“Let’s go quickly, when we return to Kyoto, you will quickly have a room together, so many people, I estimate that at once can have many grandchildren.”


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