A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2408

“Dad, Mom …………”

Han Qing’er was so happy to see that her parents were okay that she pounced on them!

When Han Fusheng saw that Han Qing’er had come back, he said with a face full of anger, “Didn’t you ask Qiu Ju to take you away, why have you come back?”

“That’s right, why did you come back, you little girl? I just tricked that Lu Buwei away, you run quickly ……”

An Ling Rong also said to Han Qing Er.

“Dad, mum, I brought Kai with me ……”

As Han Qing’er finished speaking, Kai walked in with Ji Ru Xue and the others!

When Han Fusheng saw Kai, he faintly froze, not understanding how Kai could have come to the Thunder Gate Secret Realm.

“Kai, what are you doing here in our Thunder Sect Secret Realm?”

Han Fusheng asked, puzzled.

“I’m here to find my mother. ……”

Kai said directly!

With these words, Kai directly made Han Qing’er freeze, Han Qing’er thought that Kai had come to look for himself.

Even Han Fusheng was full of confusion, not understanding how Kai could have come to the Thunder Gate Secret Realm to find his mother!

“Looking for your mother? Who is your mother?”

Han Fusheng asked.

“My mother’s name is Long Ruotong, she should be in the Purple Sky Mansion, right?”

Kai said.

Boom …………

Hearing Kai’s words, Han Fusheng was instantly like a thunderstorm, frozen on the spot, how could he not have thought that Long Rutong would be Kai’s mother!

The first time I heard this, I was able to get to the bottom of it.

Han Qing’er didn’t know, but An Ling Rong did. She knew that Han Fusheng had wanted to marry a woman in the past, the eldest daughter of the Long family, called Long Ruitong!

An Ling Rong was staring at Han Fusheng with a deadly stare, and at this moment, Han Fusheng’s entire mind was blank!

It was only after half a day that Han Fusheng came back to his senses and said incredulously, “I didn’t expect that you would be the son of Long Ruitong, I really didn’t expect that ……”

“Where is my mother locked up by you?”

Kai’s face did not look good, coldly questioned Han Fusheng!

Kai didn’t know how his mother was doing in the Purple Sky Mansion, so he had always been hostile towards Han Fusheng!

Han Fusheng looked at his wife, and when he saw the cold look in her eyes, Han Fusheng trembled in fear!

But the matter has come to this, Kai has come, and the Purple Sky House is also facing extinction, he no longer has the ability to protect Long Ruotong, so he clenched his teeth and said “You come with me ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

Since knowing his mother’s identity, Kai has dreamed of his mother more than once, imagining the moment he sees her!

But now, he would soon be able to meet his mother!

Kai’s body trembled slightly out of excitement!

Ji Ru Xue stepped forward and gently held Kai’s hand, not saying anything, she only wanted to use this to calm Kai’s excited mood!

An Ling Rong and Han Qing Er also followed!

Han Fusheng led the crowd out of the Purple Sky Mansion, and then headed in the direction of the southwest!

As the group moved further and further away from the Purple Sky Mansion, a snowy mountain slowly appeared!

Soon, the group arrived at a cave which had obviously been carved out by hand!

An area had been artificially cleared out in front of the cave entrance, and in one place there was a modest hot spring bubbling with steaming hot air!

Han Fusheng stopped and looked at Kai and said “Your mother is inside ……”

After saying that, Han Fusheng poofed and knelt down in front of An Ling Rong “Daughter-in-law, I didn’t do anything, when Long Ruotong was also sent here by the Long family, then I settled here, I never came ……”

Han Fusheng kneeled down to his daughter-in-law in public, so you can see how much this guy is afraid of his daughter-in-law!

And Kai wasn’t in the mood to see this, but was trembling slightly as he walked step by step towards that cave!


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