A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2407

Purple Sky House!

Lu Buwei and his son are sitting in the hall after Mr. and Mrs. Han Fusheng!

Outside, hundreds of Remnant Moon Fort disciples had surrounded the entire Purple Sky Mansion!

At this moment, Lu Bu Wei was dressed in a purple robe, his aura rising, clearly overshadowing that Han Fusheng.

“Han Fusheng, why hasn’t your daughter come out yet? As long as your daughter marries my son, we will be a family, when the time comes you follow me, we will wait for the spiritual energy to recover together and then ascend to the Celestial Realm, how good is that ……”

Lu Bu Wei said to Han Fusheng!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. Why on earth?”

“Hahahaha ……” Lu Bu Wei laughed out loud, not at all angry with Han Fusheng for calling himself a dog!

“Let me tell you, I was already a member of the Demon Heart Sect decades ago, because I knew that if we didn’t join the Demon Heart Sect, we would have the possibility of being trapped in this secret realm and never ascending to the Celestial Realm.”

“Aren’t we cultivating all our lives to become gods and immortals? But when will we become immortal if the spiritual energy doesn’t recover and we only rely on this tiny secret realm?”

“But now it’s different, the spiritual energy will soon recover, and when that time comes, the whole world will be ours, so how hard will it be to become a god and an immortal at that time?”

Lu Bu Wei advised Han Fusheng!

Han Fusheng gripped his seat with both hands, listening to Lu Bu Wei’s words, he was about to die of anger, it turned out that this guy had joined the Demon Heart Sect decades ago, he even followed Lu Bu Wei and called him a brother!

Han Fusheng gritted his teeth and was about to strike at Lu Bu Wei, now that Han Qing’er was probably far away, he had no worries!

But An Lingsheng gently pulled Han Fusheng, then with a smile on her face, she said to Lu Buwei, “Brother Lu, do you think it’s okay if we dress up Qing’er tomorrow and send her to your Fortress of the Ruined Moon!”

“As for the matter of our Purple Sky House joining you, I’ll persuade Fusheng properly today, you know he’s a deadhead, you allow us a day.”

Lu Bu Wei looked at An Ling Rong’s glorious posture, his eyes bursting with lustful light!

“Since sister-in-law has spoken, then I will give you a day!”

“But don’t think of escaping, for this Thunder Gate Secret Realm is all mine.”

“If you are still stubborn tomorrow, then I will have to go on a killing spree, but by then sister-in-law don’t worry, I won’t kill you, you have such an attractive body, I have wanted to taste it for a long time ……”

Lu Bu Wei had no regard for Han Fusheng being there and was openly flirting with An Ling Rong!

An Lingrong could only smile along, she knew she couldn’t make Lu Buwei angry at this time!

Han Fusheng’s face was red with anger and he could not wait to swallow Lu Buwei!

As Lu Bu Wei led his men away, Han Fusheng shouted “Why are you begging him so cheaply? What’s the difference between fighting for your life today and fighting for it tomorrow? Do you really want to follow Lu Bu Wei?”


An Ling Rong instantly slapped Han Fusheng on the face, Han Fusheng instantly dared not speak, this guy is a strict wife, just now is also furious, only then dared to follow An Ling Rong so talk!

“Now Qing’er and the girls definitely haven’t run far, if they fall out with Lu Buwei now, do you think Qing’er can run out of the secret realm?”

An Lingsong questioned Han Fusheng in an angry voice.

Han Fusheng lowered his head, not daring to speak, knowing that his wife was stalling for time, and for Han Qing’er to escape from the secret realm!

Silence fell in the hall, and the entire Purple Sky Mansion fell into a kind of panic!

And it was at this time that Han Qing’er and Qiu Ju arrived at the Purple Sky Mansion with Kai and the others ……


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