A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2406

Kai followed Ge Yuhan back to the Thunder Gate Secret Realm, excited after learning about the usefulness of the 90,000 Mile Mountain and River Map!

Now he wouldn’t have to worry about finding teleportation entrances to other secret realms, and he wouldn’t have to abide by the eight secret realms’ teleportation rules!

Otherwise, after Kai and the others had teleported from the Fire Gate Secret Realm to this Thunder Gate Secret Realm, they could only wait for three days before they could teleport again!

Three days was not a long time, not a short time, there was no telling what would happen!

“Let’s go, let’s find the location of the Purple Sky Mansion as soon as possible ……”

Kai put away the Ninety Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers Map and took a few girls with him to start continuing his search for the location of the Purple Sky Mansion!

But not long after walking, Kai used his divine sense to detect someone’s aura!

Since he didn’t know what kind of person it was, Kai could only take Ji Ru Xue and the girls into hiding!

Soon, two figures slowly appeared in front of Kai!

“Sister Qiu Ju, I’m not leaving, I have to go back to save my father, if I leave like this, my father will definitely be in danger.”

Han Qing’er struggled desperately, but Qiu Ju held on to Han Qing’er for dear life and kept walking forward!

“Miss, we managed to escape with great difficulty, if you run back, the House Master will be in even more trouble, what will happen to the House Master if that Lu Bu Wei holds you to ransom then?”

Qiu Ju persuaded Han Qing’er!

“Then I can’t just leave, when I’m not there, that Lu Bu Wei will definitely take his anger out on my parents, big deal, I’ll marry your Lu factory, as long as they let my parents off at Ruined Moon Fort.”

Han Qing’er was still reluctant to leave.

“Miss, don’t be silly, even if you marry that Lv Factory, they won’t be good enough to let the House Master and Madam go, this Ruined Moon Fort has been hiding for so many years, now that they have made a move against our Purple Sky House, they will never stop.”

Qiu Ju said as she pulled Han Qing’er forward!

“Why, why has it turned out like this?”

Han Qing’er cried, she didn’t understand how so suddenly the whole secret realm had changed!

Just then, Kai stepped forward!

At the sight of someone, Qiu Ju’s face changed dramatically and she hurriedly stepped in front of Han Qing’er.

But when she saw that it was Kai, Han Qing’er froze instantly and then pounced towards Kai with a face full of excitement!

Han Qing’er threw herself into Kai’s arms and cried out!

“Kai, you …… how did you get here? Did you hear about what happened to our family and came to save me on purpose?”

Han Qing’er asked as she flung herself into Kai’s arms.

On the side, Ji Ru Xue and the girls saw this scene and looked at each other, revealing a small smile!

They knew that they, the girls, were going to have another sister!

“What’s going on, tell me clearly first ……”

Kai said as he gently comforted Han Qing’er.

Han Qing’er wiped her tears and then told Kai after what had happened to the Purple Sky Mansion!

It turned out that at the beginning, when the Remnant Moon Fort kept eating away at some other small sects and families in the Thunder Gate Secret Realm, Han Fusheng didn’t care and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it!

But just today, the Moon Destroyer Fort suddenly led people to surround the Purple Sky Mansion, wanting to annex the Purple Sky Mansion as well and make Han Qing’er marry Factory Lu.

After seeing the faces of Lu Buwei’s father and son, Han Fusheng took the opportunity to let Qiu Ju take Han Qing’er and escape, while Han Fusheng faced Lu Buwei’s father and son alone!

After hearing this, Kai instantly thought of the scene in the Fire Gate Secret Realm, and then asked, “Why did the Ruined Moon Fort besiege your Purple Sky Mansion? Was that Lu Bu Wei a purple-robed messenger?”

“What purple-robed emissary?” Han Qing’er looked at Kai blankly, she didn’t know what a purple-robed emissary was!

Kai looked at Qiu Ju, who also shook her head, she didn’t know either!

When Kai saw that neither of them knew, he said, “Take me to the Purple Sky Mansion, hurry up ……”

Since Lu Bu Wei has besieged the Purple Sky Mansion, his own mother is in danger!


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