A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2404


When Kai returned to Kyoto, he was filled with emotion, he had been away for a bit too long!

Originally, Kai had planned to go straight to the secret realm of the Daoist Sect to see how Su Yuqi and the girls were doing!

But as soon as he arrived in Kyoto, he was taken to the Ge family by Ge Jiayi!

When Kai arrived at the Ge family, his entire body was frozen!

Only to see that Ge Cansheng and Ge Yuhan were leading a group of Ge family disciples at Ge Fuhai’s villa!

One should know that these Secret Realm disciples would never leave the Secret Realm at all, unless they encountered something urgent!

“Clan Elder Ge? Why have you all left the Secret Realm? What happened?”

Kai asked with a face full of shock.

Ge Cansheng had brought these Ge Clan’s children out of the Secret Realm, suffering from the suppression of the Heavenly Dao, which would have a great impact on their strength!

Seeing Kai, Ge Cansheng suddenly burst into old tears and cried straight away!

“Mr. Chen, the Ge family land is gone ……”

“What exactly happened?” Kai’s brow furrowed!

“It was Jin Lifu of the Moon Chopping Pavilion, who suddenly launched an attack on us, and not only our Ge family land, but even the Tianluo Tower didn’t have many people left.”

“That Jin Lifu turned out to be a purple-robed emissary of the Demon Heart Sect, they had already defected to the Demon Heart Sect many years ago.”

Ge Cansheng said!

When Kai heard this, his head buzzed, he hadn’t expected that the Demon Heart Sect’s forces had infiltrated the Eight Great Mystic Realms!

And this Jin Lifu was also a purple-robed emissary?

“Is it only the Fire Gate Secret Realm like this? How about the other secret realms?”

Kai hurriedly asked.

Right now, Kai was most worried about his own mother, who was still in the Thunder Gate Secret Realm’s Purple Sky Mansion, so if the Thunder Gate Secret Realm was also in chaos, or if that Han Fusheng was also a Purple Robe Emissary of the Demon Heart Sect, then it would be troublesome!

“I’m not very clear about this, but these eight secret realms are by no means alone in colluding with the Demon Heart Sect, maybe there are people from the Demon Heart Sect in the other secret realms as well.”

“This Demon Heart Sect is too powerful to have started laying out decades ago.”

Ge Cansheng said.

Kai fell into silence, if that was the case, it would be as difficult as heaven for him to destroy the Demon Heart Sect!

Although Kai’s strength had grown a lot now, but after all, there were too few men around that could be used, and if there were people from the Demon Heart Clan in all eight secret realms, all controlled by the Demon Heart Clan, it would be difficult to do!

“Clan Elder Ge, how many sons and daughters does the Ge Clan still have?”

Kai wanted to know how many people were left under him!

Ge Cansheng said with a despondent expression “Only these ten or so people have escaped, but a dozen people have also escaped from the Heavenly Law Tower, but with just these people, I’m afraid it’s impossible for us to kill our way back to the Fire Gate Secret Realm.”

Kai pondered for a moment, feeling a headache, although his own Dragon Sect had quite a few people, but the strength of these people from the secular world was too low, how could they possibly follow the people in the secret realm!

“Kai, if there is a need, we can help you ……”

At this moment, Ji Ru Xue came with a large number of girls!

They had received guidance from Mr. Shi, and their strength was already different from what it used to be, so they were perfectly capable of helping Kai!

“You guys?” Kai looked at Ji Ru Xue and the others and was a little puzzled.

“Sisters, it looks like we have to show our hands, don’t let Kai underestimate us ah ……”

Ji Ru Xue finished and led the girls to show Kai a little hand!

When Kai saw the strength of Ji Ru Xue and the girls, he had already been shocked speechless.

But after hearing that Mr. Shi had taught them, Kai understood that Mr. Shi was the only person that Kai couldn’t see through at all!

To this day, he didn’t even know what Mr. Shi’s realm actually was, and anyway, every time he felt his strength rising and his heart swelling a little, he would be mercilessly suppressed by Mr. Shi!


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