A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2401

Qu Yunchang, on the other hand, was watching nervously, if Kai was in danger, he would strike at the first opportunity!

“Kai, your strength is surprisingly so strong, it is indeed beyond my expectation, but even if you are strong, you must die today ……”

Leng Wu Dao shouted explosively, countless flying swords actually began to merge, finally turning into a golden giant sword, followed by the giant sword slashing down towards Kai, rolling sword aura, directly filling the entire valley!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing this, Qu Yunchang knew that Kai was in danger and wanted to come to his rescue!

“Don’t move ……”

Kai instantly stopped Qu Yunchang, he wanted to face Leng Wu Dao’s strike head on!

He wanted to kill Leng Wu Dao in front of the Hidden Realm crowd, only then would those people fear themselves in their hearts!

Qu Yunchang didn’t dare to go against Kai’s wishes, but as he watched the huge golden sword getting closer and closer to Kai, Qu Yunchang’s heart was kicking down his throat!

But Kai didn’t move a muscle, the Daoist power within his body began to envelop his entire body, Kai was trying to test the power of this Daoist power!

“Mr. Chen, why didn’t you dodge?”

Liu Rui asked in a very strange manner.

No one knew exactly why Kai wasn’t dodging!

Boom …………

The giant sword slashed down, stirring up bursts of sand and stones, and Kai’s figure disappeared under this giant sword!

As the smoke and dust cleared, there was long gone Kai’s figure!

“Where is Mr. Chen?”

Liu Xing asked in confusion.

The others were also full of confusion, not understanding how Kai had disappeared, even if he was dead, there should have been a corpse!

“Hahahaha …………”

“The power of my sword is enough to change any item into powder, that Kai doesn’t even have a corpse now, it’s all turned into powder.”

Leng Wu Dao laughed madly, in his opinion, his sword was enough to turn Kai into powder!

For Kai to remain motionless, waiting for his blow, that was simply seeking death!

Just as everyone was confused, a figure appeared at a distance of over a hundred metres!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Liu Rui saw Kai and hurriedly shouted out.

Everyone all looked towards Kai and found him standing unharmed not far away!

Seeing that Kai was actually not hurt at all, Qu Yunchang only put his heart down!

But Leng Wu Dao was a bit confused, he couldn’t believe that his sword hadn’t even hurt Kai!

“This can’t be, it can’t be ……”

Leng Wu Dao couldn’t believe what was in front of him!

Kai looked at Leng Wu Dao, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and an extra bow and arrow appeared in his hand!

Immediately afterwards, Kai grabbed the bowstring with his right hand, and then slowly pulled it!

As the bowstring was pulled, the crowd could only feel the countless auras around them, gathering towards the bow and arrow in Kai’s hand!

Soon, an arrow feather of golden light slowly appeared!

The arrow feather was aimed directly at Leng Wu Dao, and even if they were a hundred metres apart, Leng Wu Dao could feel the terrifying aura from the divine King’s bow in Kai’s hand!

“Mr. Chen, what exactly is that bow in your hand? What a terrifying aura?”

Yue Buqun said in shock.

Qu Yunchang shook his head, he too had never seen such a weapon, even he, a rank eight Martial Emperor, felt fear when faced with the pressure brought by the Divine King’s Bow.

Whoosh …………

Kai let go, and the golden arrow feather shot towards Leng Wu Dao like a meteor!

Seeing this, Leng Wu Dao hurriedly formed a barrier in front of his body as countless powerful qi erupted from Leng Wu Dao’s body!

The golden arrow feather reached Leng Wu Dao and effortlessly smashed the barrier in front of Leng Wu Dao’s body!

The arrow feather instantly penetrated Leng Wu Dao’s body and then simply disappeared!

Leng Wu Dao was shocked, but when he looked down, he found that he didn’t have any wounds on his body, nor did he even feel a trace of pain!

“Hahahaha, this bluffing thing can’t hurt me at all ……”

Leng Wu Dao burst out laughing!

The others were also filled with confusion, not understanding that Kai’s seemingly terrifying arrow just now hadn’t caused any damage to Leng Wu Dao!


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