A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2400

“Bastard, looking for death ……”

Leng Wu Dao was unwilling to follow Kai’s nonsense, so he was ready to make a move against Kai!

But before Leng Wu Dao could move, a sudden burst of terrifying aura came from outside, followed by several figures blocking in front of Kai!

“How dare you be rude to Mr. Chen, looking for death ……”

Qu Yunchang’s eyes widened in anger, and with a wave of his palm, a huge and terrifying force instantly jerked Leng Wu Dao out of the way!

When the crowd saw the sudden appearance of Qu Yunchang, they were all terrified too, after all, Qu Yunchang had shown them the power of the Realm of Transformation not long ago!

Leng Wu Dao climbed to his feet and looked at Qu Yun Chang with a pale face, inwardly shocked!

Although Qu Yunchang had not reached the Realm of Transformation, he was at least an Eighth Grade Martial Emperor, and such strength was simply not something he could deal with.

Unless all of them went together, they would be able to defeat Qu Yunchang!

But now that Kai and Yue Buqun were there, now Leng Wu Dao and the rest of them didn’t have an advantage at all!

It was a sure death situation for Kai, and now it had turned into this, which made Leng Wu Dao almost die of anger!

He just wondered how it could be so difficult to kill Kai!

“Old Qu, don’t worry about my affairs, let me follow this Leng Wu Dao and have a good match today ……”

Kai said to Qu Yunchang!

“Mr. Chen, you are afraid that your current strength is not a match for this Leng Wu Dao, it’s better to let me destroy them!”

Qu Yunchang was afraid that Kai was not a match for that Leng Wu Dao at all!

“Don’t worry, since I dare to say so, I have absolute certainty ……”

Kai said with a faint smile.

Looking at how confident Kai was, Qu Yunchang nodded and then dodged away.

When the time came, if Kai was not a match for that Leng Wu Dao, it would be the same for him to save Kai after he stepped in!

“Leng Wu Dao, I am now giving you the chance to come and fight me in a single fight, if I am not your opponent, you can always behead me.”

Kai said provocatively to Leng Wu Dao.

“Kai, you are too wild, let’s make a deal, if you are not my opponent, you must not let the old monster help.”

Leng Wu Dao was also afraid that Qu Yun Chang would make a move!

“Of course, if I am not as skilled as you, even if I die at your hands, I have no complaints.”

Kai said with a faint smile.

“Alright then, come on ……” Leng Wu Dao’s eyes faintly stared as his body’s powerful Qi seemed to boil and roll up, followed by countless flying swords starting to surround his body, each one carrying a monstrous power!

“Flying Heavenly Sword Formation? How come this Leng Wu Dao used a masterstroke as soon as he struck?”

Yue Buqun said in surprise after seeing the sword formation around Leng Wu Dao!

This Leng Wu Dao looked like he wanted to kill Kai in one move, so that Qu Yun Chang wouldn’t even have a chance to save him!

When Qu Yunchang saw this, he frowned slightly, and then looked at the people behind Leng Wu Dao and said, “Mr. Chen and Leng Wu Dao are fighting, if any of you dare to help Leng Wu Dao, I will slap him into mush ……”

Qu Yuchang was afraid that Kai would play another little trick when he followed Leng Wu Dao into battle!

Qu Yunchang’s shock caused the Hidden Realm crowd to all but back away, no one wanted to help Leng Wu Dao at this time!

“Go to hell ……”

Leng Wu Dao struck, countless flying swords rushed towards Kai!

Kai took out his Dragon Cutting Sword, and his Unbreakable Golden Body covered his entire body as he battled with Leng Wu Dao immediately afterwards!

Kai did not use the power of the stars, nor did he take out the Divine King’s Bow, these were his last killer moves!

Leng Wu Dao originally wanted to kill Kai with a single move, but only when he did so did he realise that Kai was much stronger than he had imagined!

In a moment, the two men’s swords flashed, the void trembled, and explosions rang out above the valley!

The crowd watched in amazement as the two fought, they didn’t expect Kai to be able to follow Leng Wu Dao into battle and not emerge with a crushing victory!

Leng Wu Dao was getting anxious inside himself at this moment, so that if he couldn’t kill Kai instantly, if the fight went on like this, those people in the Hidden Realm would look on and I’m afraid that they would slowly get out of his control and no one would listen to him anymore!


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