A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2399

Just as Leng Wu Dao and the others opened the gate, not far from the abyss, Yue Bu Qun and Qu Yun Chang had been searching for Kai for many days.

But there had been no sign of Kai, and everyone was very anxious.

“Master, Chen couldn’t have really had any accident, could he?”

Liu Xing said to Yue Buqun.

“Don’t talk nonsense, nothing will happen to Mr. Chen.”

Yue Buqun gave Liu Xing a fierce glare!

“Looks like I’ll have to move my best move ……”

The Divine Reckoner took a deep breath and after he finished speaking, he actually pulled out a handful of copper coins directly from his own body!

Immediately after that, he threw the copper coins towards the air!

“Set up a formation …………”

The Divine Abbot bellowed, and those Divination Gang disciples immediately formed a circle in the shape of an eight trigram, each catching a copper coin in their hands!

These Divination Gang disciples simultaneously forced out a drop of essence blood from their own eyebrows and dropped it on top of that copper coin!

The Divine Reckoner then slammed his palm into his chest!

Poof …………

A mouthful of blood spurted out from the Divine Reckoning’s mouth, instantly forming a blood-red curtain in the air!

All at once, the copper coins in the hands of those Divination Gang disciples began to emit light, shining on top of that blood-red curtain!

Slowly, a figure appeared on the curtain, and soon it became clear!

It was the image of Kai holding the Dragon Chopper Sword and slaying the undead!

“Mr. Chen, it’s Mr. Chen ……”

Liu Rui shouted excitedly!

“This is in that valley, in the middle of the valley within the abyss ……”

Yue Buqun could also see that it was in that very valley that Kai was in!

The image only appeared for a few seconds before it instantly disappeared, the copper coins in the hands of the Divination Gang’s disciples all instantly shattered!

And the Divine Reckoner fell heavily to the ground, clearly injured!

Seeing this, Qu Yunchang reached out with his hand, and a strong qi instantly entered the Divine Reckoner’s body.

“I’m relieved to see that Mr. Chen is alright, Senior Qu doesn’t need to worry about me, you guys go and find Mr. Chen, I’ll be fine after a few days of recuperation by myself ……”

The divine Reckoner said weakly!

“Good then, you stay here and recuperate well, we will be back soon.”

Qu Yu Chang nodded his head.

Qu Yunchang led Yue Buqun quickly towards that abyss, while Divine Reckoning and the many disciples of the Divination Gang stayed where they were!

The use of the jutsu just now had caused the Divine Reckoner to suffer internal injuries!


The abyss, Leng Wu Dao led the people to open the gate, excitedly trying to kill the undead and improve their strength!

But when the gate slowly opened, everyone was dumbfounded.

The valley was empty, there was no sign of the undead!

“That’s not right, why is there suddenly not a single undead here?”

Leng Wu Dao said with great surprise.

“Come on, let’s go inside and see if something has happened at the entrance of the cave?”

Tong Ocean intended to go to the cave entrance where the undead had emerged to have a look!

But just as he was about to walk towards the depths of the valley, he found a human figure unexpectedly stopped in front of them!

When the figure slowly turned around, everyone froze!


Almost in unison, all of them had incredulous expressions on their faces.

They thought that Kai had died long ago after jumping into that black hole, but they didn’t expect him to still be alive!

In that case, they knew without thinking that all the undead in this valley must have been killed by Kai!

“You didn’t die?”

Leng Wu Dao said in surprise.

“How can I die if you’re not dead yet ……”

A cold smile appeared on Kai’s face!

“Hmph, even if you’re not dead, you won’t survive now, I’ll have to kill you myself this time and watch you being chopped into meat before I can.”

This time, Leng Wu Dao would have to watch Kai die with his own eyes before he could do so!

“I’m just afraid that you don’t have that ability, you can’t kill me at all ……”

Kai had a calm face, even in the face of Leng Wu Dao, an expert of the Hidden Realm, there were no more waves in his heart!

With the God King Bow in his hand, Kai could ignore these people in front of him!


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