A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2398

Looking at the anxious look of the Yin devil, Kai said nothing more, pulled the string and set the arrow while aiming at the pitch black sky!

Whoosh …………

Kai shot the crystal-clear arrow feather into the sky, the arrow feather instantly exploded in the air, the original oppressive dark sky, in this instant became clear sky!

And under the blue sky, a black hole slowly appeared, with a huge suction force around it, constantly sucking in everything around it!

When the undead saw the black hole, they all slowly drifted into the air and were then sucked in by it!

“Run, run ……”

When the Yin Devil saw the black hole appear, he hurriedly urged Kai.

Kai was about to say something else, but the Yin Devil slapped out his palm, sending Kai directly around the black hole with a huge suction that sucked Kai straight in!

After Kai’s figure had completely disappeared, the Yin Devil waved his hand and the black hole in the sky slowly disappeared!

Looking up at the sky, the Yin Devil muttered, “Not bad for a Dragon’s Son, to pull the Divine King’s Bow so easily.”

Just as he finished speaking, the Yin Demon’s brow furrowed slightly and his face changed instantly, then he forgot to take a glance not far away, then turned into a stream of light and disappeared without a trace!

Just after the Yin Demon had left, a dozen lights arrived in an instant, appearing directly on top of that mountain peak!

A dozen people gazed around, not people to be exact, but a dozen beast-headed and human monsters!

“Great King, the God King’s bow is gone, it should have been pulled!”

A rat-headed man came over and said to a lion-headed one!

“Who the hell is that? How dare he pull the God King’s Bow and kill the Undead Titan as well.”

There was a chill in the lion-head’s eyes, and his tone was even gloomier!

The others were all silent, and after a while, Lionhead waved his hand, “Give chase, I must find the person who pulled the God King’s bow ……”

Soon, these beast-headed and personal monsters also turned into streams of light and disappeared!

And at that moment, Kai, after an incomparable darkness, re-entered that valley!

When he climbed out of the cave, the valley was already filled with dense piles of undead!

These undead were locked up here, the valley’s gate was closed, there was no way to get out!

“Who the hell closed the gates here? Could it be that Leng Wu Dao and the others don’t want me to get out?”

When Kai saw the closed valley gate, he guessed that it was Leng Wu Dao and the others who did it!

But with so many undead, Kai was in no hurry to get out, so he could kill them first and replenish his Dao power!

But in this valley, Kai did not use the Divine King’s Bow, as the Dragon Slashing Sword would be sufficient to deal with these ordinary undead!

With the Dragon Slashing Sword in his hand, Kai began a frenzied massacre, the more he killed, the more excited he became!

And at this moment, in the abyss outside the valley, Leng Wu Dao and the others were practising the kung fu techniques taught by Yao Qing!

After so many days, those of them had sort of learned what the mysteries of that gong method were!

“No wonder so many people would rather be scolded than choose to be evil cultivators, evil cultivation techniques are really powerful, except that they are just a bit brutal and bloody.”

Leng Wu Dao said with a look of excitement after learning the gong method.

“In this society, strength is everything, it’s inherently weak and strong, so there’s no such thing as brutality!”

“Let’s just open the gate and let those undead out, I can’t wait a bit.”

Tong Ocean said!

“Good, then we’ll open the gate, after so many days, I guess there are already quite a few undead in here.”

“But these undead still need to be killed by a few of us, the rest of the disciples will just pick up the slack at the back!”

Leng Wu Dao said.

When Leng Wu Dao gave the word, of course no one wouldn’t listen, and the disciples of the major sects didn’t even have the right to say anything!

Several of Leng Wu Dao stepped forward and began to work together to open the gate of that valley!


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