A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2397

“It’s complete, the power of the dao pattern is finally complete ……”

Kai shouted out excitedly.

Looking at the Divine King’s Bow in his hand, Kai pulled it up without hesitation and instantly drew the bowstring to its fullest, only to see three huge arrow feathers appear on the Divine King’s Bow!

Brush Brush Brush …………

The three arrows were fired in unison, like three cannonballs falling from the sky, with a blazing flame, shooting out directly towards those countless undead under the mountain peak!

Boom boom boom …………

As the explosions rang out, countless undead were wiped out!

“Hahahaha, it hurts, this God King Bow is really f*cking awesome ……”

Kai laughed out loud!

But Kai didn’t even notice that as he pulled the God King’s Bow, the heaven and earth around him actually began to change!

The originally grey sky was now becoming darker and darker, more and more oppressive!

It was as if it was the moment when a storm was about to come!

It wasn’t until the sky had completely darkened and the countless undead were no longer fleeing around, but were kneeling on the ground, that Kai realised the same thing!

“What’s going on here?”

Kai looked at everything around him in bewilderment, not understanding what was happening!

Only to see in the sky, a stream of light, then rushing towards him at an extremely fast speed!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly drew his God King’s Bow and took a defensive stance!

When the light reached Kai, it stopped instantly, followed by the appearance of a figure!

When Kai saw that someone had appeared, he was overjoyed, now he would be able to inquire about what exactly this place was.

But when he saw the appearance of the person coming, he was instantly frozen!

And the other party, on seeing that it was Kai, also froze on the spot!

“Why is it you?”

The two men made surprised sounds almost simultaneously!

It turned out that the other party was no other than the Yin Devil who had been saved by Kai!

“How did you get here?” When he saw that Kai was holding the Divine King’s Bow, he asked again, “Did you draw this Divine King’s Bow?”

“Yes, it was me who pulled it.” Kai nodded and then briefly told the Yin Demon what had happened when he came here!

“Yin Devil, haven’t you already returned to the Celestial Human Realm? And looking at you like this, you are no longer a remnant soul, could it be that you have reshaped your physical body?”

Kai did not understand how the Yin Demon could have appeared here.

And the Yin Devil did not answer Kai, but muttered “Damn, I didn’t expect there to be a passage underneath that divine altar ……”

“You haven’t answered me yet, what is this place? Didn’t you go to the Celestial Realm?”

Kai asked here to the Yin Devil.

“This is the Celestial Human Realm.” The Yin Devil said.

“What? This is the Celestial Human Realm?” Kai instantly froze and looked around incredulously “How is this …… Celestial Human Realm like this?”

This Celestial Human Realm was not at all like what Kai had imagined!

“Well, I don’t have time to explain to you, how did you get here, then hurry back, or you won’t be able to leave in a while!”

The Yin Devil anxiously urged at Kai.

“But I can’t leave, that black hole has disappeared, I can’t go back.”

Kai said.

“You couldn’t have gotten a crystal clear arrow feather here too?”

The Yin Devil asked.

“Yes!” Kai took the arrow feather out of his storage ring!

“You use the Divine King’s Bow to shoot this arrow feather into the sky, and the passage will open.”

Yin Devil said to Kai!

“I want to know, what part of the Celestial Realm is this place? Since I’m here, can’t you do your duty as a landlord and show me around the Celestial Realm? Why are you so anxious for me to go back?”

Kai did not understand why this Yin Devil was so anxious to let himself go back?

“I really don’t have time to explain to you, hurry up and pull the God King’s Bow and open the passage!”

The Yin Devil was a little angry and said loudly to Kai.


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