A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2396

On the nameless mountain peak!

Kai, holding the Dragon Chopper Sword, had already killed an unknown number of undead, and the Dao Stripe power in his body had already reached eight, with one more Dao Stripe power, it would be complete!

It was a pity that no matter how hard Kai tried to kill the undead, this last Dao Stripe never lit up!

“Could it be that this last Dao Stripe of Power requires something special to be able to do so?”

Kai was a little frustrated, since he could not increase the power of the Dao Stripes, there was no point in killing the undead!

Looking down at the ten metres tall undead at the bottom of the mountain peak, Kai started to get excited again!

“If I kill this big guy, I wonder if I can form the power of nine dao patterns?”

Kai looked at the huge undead and secretly pondered!

Finally Kai leapt and floated down, he intended to try it out, anyway, with the God King’s Bow around, these undead couldn’t do anything to him, if he couldn’t beat them, he could run back to this mountain peak!

Kai waved his Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, cutting a path, and in a flash he was in front of the huge undead!

When the huge undead saw Kai, a whimpering roar came out of his mouth.

For so long, they had been unable to do anything to Kai, which had long since infuriated the huge undead!

Kai didn’t even bother, he swung his sword towards the huge undead!

But Kai’s Dragon Slashing Sword instantly burst into flames as it slashed into the giant undead’s armour!

It still couldn’t break through the armour of the giant undead, it couldn’t do any damage to the undead at all!

The giant undead hissed and slapped his palm heavily towards Kai!

Kai used his nimble body to dodge it in an instant!

Looking at the huge undead in front of him, Kai needed to find a place where the undead were weak.

Kai then saw that there seemed to be a place where he could insert the Dragon Slashing Sword into the undead’s neck, so he leapt up, the Dragon Slashing Sword in his hand emitting a light, and then stabbed the huge undead in the neck!

With this stroke, Kai stabbed it in smoothly, even stabbing the whole sword into the neck of the giant undead!

When Kai saw this, he was overjoyed, the giant undead would be dead for sure!

But who knows, the undead didn’t seem to be affected, but only became a little manic, hissing and roaring as his hands kept slapping out at Kai!

A tornado of terrifying fierce Qi formed, directly blowing Kai far away, and then fell heavily to the ground!

Kai hurriedly got up, then with a wave of his hand, the Dragon Cutting Sword flew back into his hand, followed by a quick run towards the top of the mountain peak!

Sitting on the mountain peak, Kai looked at the undead below and couldn’t help but greet their ancestors all over again!

Right now, Kai was no match for the huge undead, and it seemed that the undead could not be killed at all!

But because of the God King’s Bow, those undead didn’t dare to come up!

“Damn, this broken bow, why can’t it be drawn?”

Kai took the God King’s Bow and pulled the bowstring again in anger!

But this time, Kai actually pulled that bowstring straight up, and a golden arrow feather instantly appeared on the God King Bow!

Kai looked at the God King’s Bow in his hand, his eyes full of excitement, he didn’t expect that he had pulled it!

The moment Kai pulled the God King’s Bow, the undead under the mountain peak seemed to be frightened, and they all turned around and ran away!

Even the huge undead took a step and fled from Kai’s sight!

Without even thinking, Kai aimed the God King’s Bow in his hand at the huge undead!

Whoosh …………

As soon as Kai released his hand, a golden arrow shot out instantly, penetrating the huge undead in the blink of an eye!

Without any time to hiss, the huge undead instantly fell to the ground and turned into a burst of sinister aura, heading straight for Kai!

When this aura entered Kai’s body, the Daoist power within Kai’s body finally lit up with the ninth dao!


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