A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2395

“Master of the House, I’m afraid …………”

“Alright, you go down!” Han Fusheng impatiently blasted the butler away!

Since Lu Buwei liked to annex, let him annex, Han Fusheng wasn’t worried in the slightest!

But what Han Fusheng didn’t know was that after Lu Bu Wei had annexed the smaller clans and families, he would then annex their Purple Sky House.

Lu Bu Wei is also a purple-robed messenger, only these purple-robed messengers don’t know each other’s identity!

Ever since the last time they received orders from the great powers, they had been plotting to strike in their respective secret realms!

They had to eradicate all the factors that were detrimental to them before the aura revived!

Otherwise, they would not be the only ones who would benefit from the revival of the aura!

The other Mystic Realms were also at this moment in a sea of corpses and blood, with a purple-robed emissary from the Demon Heart Sect in each of them, so it was clear that the Demon Heart Sect had been making this great move for many years!

Although the eight mysterious realms had been in chaos, the secular world, however, had not been affected in any way, and was still a peaceful scene!

Inside the Kyoto Protector’s Pavilion, Mr Shi was smoking a cigarette, his face seemed to be tinged with a bit of sadness!

The tea in front of Mr Shi had long since cooled, but Mr Shi did not take a sip!

This would not have happened at all in normal times, but today Mr. Shi was a bit abnormal.

“Mr. Shi, the tea has gotten cold, let me get you another cup ……”

Xing Jun stepped forward and said in a small voice.

“No need, you go out ……”

Mr. Shi waved his hand.

Seeing this, Xing Jun could only obediently retreat out!

“Now that the eight mysterious realms are in turmoil, what’s coming is still coming, I hope that this time, Kai can stop this catastrophe and save all humans in the secular world ……”

Mr. Shi muttered to himself.

Just then, the door of Mr. Shi’s office was suddenly pushed open, knowing that Mr. Shi’s office, without briefing and knocking, cannot be barged in directly, but now there were several people who pushed the door in directly!

Mr. Shi didn’t even have to look to know who was coming!

“How’s the practice going for you guys?”

Mr Shi said with a faint smile.

“Mr Shi, we’ve learned everything you’ve taught us, and we want you to teach us some more today.”

Ji Ru Xue slowly stepped forward and said to Mr. Shi!

It turned out that it was Ji Ru Xue and the others who had been practising hard ever since they had been instructed by Mr Shi!

They had been practising hard ever since they had been instructed by Mr. Shi, and Mr. Shi had given the word that they didn’t need to be informed, they could just push the door open and enter.

So the moment Ji Ru Xue and the girls came in, Mr. Shi knew about it!

“So soon?” Mr Shi was a little surprised!

“Sisters, let’s show Mr. Shi ……”

After saying that, Ji Ru Xue, Gu Ling’er and Ge Jiayi and the girls started to move!

In a flash, several of them had already reached the outside of the courtyard, followed by an outburst of terrifying aura, joining forces to strike a radiant pillar of light, which shot straight up to the clouds, seemingly to poke a big hole in the sky.

In an instant, the sky began to change abnormally, the originally clear sky now began to be covered with dark clouds, a black cloud pressed towards the Protector’s Pavilion.

“Alright, don’t cause panic among the masses ……”

Seeing this, Mr. Shi waved his hand!

A few people retracted their breath and the vision in the sky instantly disappeared!

“You few really did not disappoint me, and it was not in vain that I spent all the resources of Kyoto on you few.”

“Then I’ll be teaching you a few moves, but remember, your strength should be kept a secret and used as a killer, only when Kai is in the most danger!”

Mr Shi barked at Ji Ru Xue and the girls!

“Don’t worry Mr. Shi, we understand!”

Ji Ru Xue nodded, this was also to prevent Kai from getting lazy, with so many capable women around to protect him, he was afraid that Kai wouldn’t work hard in the future!

Mr. Shi began to teach Ji Ruxue and the girls new gong methods once again …………


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