A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2394

In the secret realm of the Fire Sect!

Jin Lifu of the Zhangyue Pavilion, with many disciples of the Zhangyue Pavilion, launched a frenzied attack on the Ge Clan and the Tianluo House!

The entire Fire Sect Secret Realm was in a flames of war!

“Jin Lifu, have you gone f*cking crazy? Why did you suddenly sneak up on us?”

Ge Cansheng’s face was pale at this point as he looked at Jin Lifu in front of him and questioned in disbelief.

“Ge Cang Sheng, the paths are different, the aura will soon recover, keeping you people will only spoil our business, so you must be killed first!”

Jin Lifu said with a murderous intent!

“Jin Lifu, what do you mean by that? Could it be that you are the one who is colluding with that Demon Heart Sect? You want to follow the Demon Heart Sect and artificially control the revival of the aura?”

Jiang Wu Ya of the Heavenly Law Tower frowned and questioned at Jin Lifu.

“Not bad, since you are all going to die, I won’t be hiding, in fact, we have long followed the Demon Heart Sect to join forces, when the time comes for the aura to recover, the whole world will be dominated by us!”

Jin Li Fu smiled coldly, then with a gentle tug, he ripped off his clothes and a bright purple robe was put on his body!

“You’re actually a purple-robed messenger of the Demon Heart Sect?”

Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya were both startled at the same time, and their eyes couldn’t help but narrow slightly!

How could they not have thought that Jin Lifu, who had been living in this Fire Sect’s secret realm for decades, would actually be a purple-robed emissary of the Demon Heart Sect!

So it seemed that the collusion between this Moon Cutting Pavilion and the Demon Heart Sect was not something that happened overnight!

“Jin Lifu, what on earth is going on? Would you, the pavilion master of the Zhangyue Pavilion, willingly become a lackey of the Demon Heart Sect?”

Ge Cang Sheng was very puzzled, he didn’t understand what this Jin Lifu was thinking, wasn’t it better for him to be a Pavilion Master? He had to be a dog!

“What the hell do you guys know, as long as we can get the aura to recover and we rule the entire secular realm, we will have the chance to attack the Celestial Realm, do you think my dream is only this little secret realm?”

“I want to bring my disciples and set foot on the Celestial Realm, or even on the Immortal Realm, to be the master of the entire world ……”

Jin Lifu was endlessly longing, his face full of excitement!

Looking at Jin Lifu’s appearance, Jiang Wu Ya laughed and said “With you, you still want to attack the celestial realm, and still want to step into the immortal realm, you are really out of your depth, even if the aura really recovers, you are still just a dog ……”

“Hmph, so tough-mouthed even when you’re on the verge of death ……”

Jin Li Fu was furious, his body’s aura rolled over, and a palm went towards Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya!

Ge Cansheng and Jiang Wu Ya joined forces and began to follow Jin Lifu in a battle!

The same scene was played out in all the major secret realms of the Eight Great Secret Realms, with clashes and fights breaking out in each of them!

Within the secret realm of the Thunder Gate, Han Fusheng of the Purple Sky Mansion was sipping tea and listening to pleasant music!

Because his own wife, An Ling Rong, was watching too closely, Han Fusheng had never had the chance to go to Long Ruotong, Kai’s mother!

But Han Fusheng had arranged for Long Ruotong to live in a secluded place, with someone to take care of her life, which was many times better than when she was in the Dragon Family dungeon!

“House Master …………”

At this moment, the Purple Sky Mansion’s butler walked in quickly!

“What’s the matter? In a hurry?”

Han Fusheng asked with a glance.

“House Master, Lu Buwei of the Ruined Moon Fort has started leading people around to annex other clan lineages, and throughout the Thunder Gate Secret Realm, many smaller clan lineages have been annexed by the Ruined Moon Fort!”

“Lu Bu Wei has caused turmoil throughout the Thunder Gate Secret Realm by doing this, if this goes on for a long time, I’m afraid that our Purple Sky Mansion will also suffer!”

The steward said in a small voice.

“That Lu Bu Wei is just ambitious, those small sects and families, what’s there to annex, doesn’t have any resources, since he likes it, then let him go.”

“Even if that Lu Bu Wei stood up all the other clan families in the Thunder Gate Secret Realm, there’s no way he’d make a move on our Purple Sky House, our two families are on the best of terms, that Lu Bu Wei always wants me to marry Qing’er to his son!”

Han Fusheng said without a care in the world!


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