A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2393

Seeing that giant undead retreating away as well, Kai pondered slightly!

“These undead are so afraid of this God King Bow, is this God King Bow the only one that can deal with that huge undead?”

Kai stroked the God King’s Bow, his face puzzled!

He couldn’t even pull the bowstring now, so even if the giant undead were afraid of the God King Bow, what use would it be!

Kai sat on top of the mountain and rested for a moment, recovering the spiritual energy in his body!

Looking at those densely packed undead, Kai seemed to have thought of an idea, and then put away the God King Bow!

As soon as Kai put away the God King’s Bow, those undead started to climb towards the mountain peak!

And Kai kept swinging and slashing with his Chopping Dragon Sword in hand, increasing his Daoist power!

When there were too many undead and Kai was a little overwhelmed, he would bring out the Divine King’s Bow and instantly scare away those undead!

In this way, Kai would still be able to slash the undead and increase the power of his Dao Stripes without being in danger!

After feeling that this solution was feasible, Kai began to kill the undead week after week!

Kai himself did not know how many days and nights he had spent killing them in this way!

Anyway, the Daoist power in Kai’s body had become five, and the aura emitted by the five Daoist powers was obviously much stronger!

Kai used his divine sense to feel the Daoist power within his body, caught in a dilemma!

He didn’t know whether he should use this Daoist power to raise his realm, or whether he should use this Daoist power to try pulling the Divine King’s Bow!

In the end, Kai could not resist the temptation of the Divine King’s Bow and decided to give it a try to see if he could pull it!

Holding his breath and concentrating, Kai mobilised the power of the Dao pattern within his body!

Immediately afterwards, Kai’s chest began to shine and a strand of Daoist power slowly appeared!

Then the Daoist power entered the Divine King’s Bow, which began to tremble and shimmer with a slight glow!

Kai held the bow with one hand and pulled the string with the other, the Dao pattern power within his body kept releasing, and the God King’s bow began to change, its aura kept rising, and the string in Kai’s hand began to be pulled a little!

Soon, the bowstring was pulled by Kai by a very small distance, and the moment the bowstring was pulled, an arrow of light unexpectedly appeared on the God King’s Bow, the arrow of light emitting a dazzling golden light.

“This is really a divine bow, fantastic ……”

Kai couldn’t help but get excited and began to pull the bowstring with all his might!

But very soon, Kai found that the power of his five dao patterns all dimmed, and then the bowstring returned to its place and the arrow feathers on the God King’s bow disappeared!

“It’s too perverted ……”

Kai’s brow furrowed, the five Dao pattern power had failed to completely pull apart this God King’s bow!

Looking at the consumed Dao pattern power, Kai could only put away the God King Bow, fortunately there were countless undead below, the consumed Dao pattern power could be quickly replenished!

Anyway, Kai was trapped here and could not go anywhere. Apart from killing the undead, which brought him a little bit of fun, Kai really did not know what else to do.

If he was trapped here for the rest of his life, what would happen to his mother? What about the women around him?

Who was his father?

Kai had not yet solved all these mysteries, and he was not willing to do so!

If he were to be separated like this, Kai would suddenly feel a bit remorseful!

“No, when I can get out of here, I must make them my real women ……”

Kai made up his mind, and then, with his Dragon Chopper in hand, he began to fight once again!

The masses of undead disappeared under Kai’s sword!

Just as Kai was still trapped here, killing the undead every day, the eight mysterious realms had begun to change, the entire eight mysterious realms were all in chaos!


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