A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2392

“Hoo …………”

Suddenly, the giant undead spat out a breath towards Kai!

This breath of insidious air instantly caused the space around it to begin to freeze, countless white ice flowers, densely packed down the surrounding space, surrounded towards Kai!

Kai only felt a cold wind hit him, and the next thing he knew, his surroundings turned white, and the air around him froze, as if Kai was frozen in this space!

“Holy shit, is this guy so powerful? I should have known better than to come down and mess with him ……”

Kai inwardly regretted, he didn’t expect this huge undead to be so powerful, just by spitting out a breath, he was actually trapped!

But now that he was trapped, Kai had to get out of it to do so!

As the space around him was frozen, Kai thought of his spirit fire, so with a flip of his palm, a light blue flame rose up!

As Kai’s spirit power continued to increase, the spirit fire grew stronger and stronger, and was finally thrown fiercely towards the space in front of him!

Boom …………

The space trembled, and the condensed space really let out a sound of shattering, and in the end it was like glass, shattering instantly!

And the space around Kai recovered, and that oppressive feeling disappeared!

“Damn it, it’s not a rite to come ……”

Kai was holding the Dragon Cutting Sword, and the Dragon Cutting Sword was burning with a blazing fire!

Immediately afterwards, Kai leapt up and then slashed the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand viciously towards the head of that huge undead!

A bright golden light sliced through the sky and slashed fiercely at the giant undead’s head!

Clang ……

With a crisp sound, Kai’s Dragon Slashing Sword slashed at the giant undead’s head, but it didn’t even produce the slightest scratch!

Not even the silver shining armor was able to scratch the slightest bit!

“This …………”

Kai was dumbfounded, even if he had failed to injure the huge undead with his blow, how come there was not even a trace of the opponent’s armor?

The huge undead looked at Kai, then then swung!

A huge breath instantly knocked Kai out!

Kai’s body was now like a bullet that had been fired, and it quickly crashed towards the mountain behind it!

Kai’s imperishable golden body was burning up under the tremendous friction with the air, and at this moment, Kai was like a ball of fire!

Boom …………

Kai’s body smashed heavily into the stone wall, setting directly into the mountain for more than ten meters!

It was half a day before Kai crawled out with difficulty, his imperishable golden body long gone, his clothes in rags like a beggar, and the corners of his mouth covered in blood!

“It’s too f*cking sick …………”

Kai looked at the huge undead and couldn’t help but curse!

Kai now knew that he was no match for this huge undead, not to mention himself, even if Qu Yunchang, who was an 8th grade Martial Emperor, came, he would still be smacked away!

Looking at the huge undead coming towards him, Kai hurriedly took a deep breath and leapt upwards, fleeing towards the top of the mountain peak!

When Kai reached the top of the mountain, he saw countless undead crawling up behind him!

Kai was already injured, so he could only grit his teeth and keep swinging with his Dragon Slashing Sword!

But the undead kept climbing upwards endlessly!

But soon, Kai thought of something and hurriedly took out the God King’s Bow from his storage ring!

Kai thrust the God King’s Bow on the ground, and it instantly emitted a bright golden light!

Those undead who had climbed up the mountain peak instantly disappeared without a trace under this golden light!

Seeing this, the undead at the bottom of the mountain began to retreat, even the huge undead, after seeing the golden light emanating from the God King’s Bow, retreated far backwards!


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