A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2391

Kai examined the God King’s bow in his hand, then curiously set up his stance and pulled the bowstring hard!

But no matter how hard Kai pushed, the bowstring did not move at all.

“How could this happen?” Kai froze!

Then Kai exploded with the power of the Dao pattern, and a strand of the Dao pattern power entered the Divine King’s Bow, and the Divine King’s Bow finally showed a reaction!

Kai pulled the bowstring, and the bowstring of the God King’s Bow twitched a little!

But it was only a twitching, it was not pulled by Kai!

But with this attempt to pull the Divine King’s Bow, Kai was shocked to find that the Dao power within his body was depleted!

“This …………”

Kai was dumbfounded, he had only managed to accumulate two Dao lines of power, but in the end, he didn’t even pull the Divine King’s Bow, yet his two Dao lines of power had been completely consumed!

This was too f*cking outrageous?

“This thing, how the hell does it work?”

Kai looked at the Divine King’s Bow in his hand and finally threw it into his storage ring!

Looking at the black hole that had disappeared, and the densely packed undead underneath the mountain peak, Kai sat dumbfounded on the mountain peak, somewhat at a loss for a moment!

Kai didn’t notice that after he had thrown the God King’s Bow into his storage ring, the huge undead waved his hand and countless undead were already crawling towards the mountain peak!

When Kai noticed, he found that the undead had already crawled to his feet!

“Holy f*ck ……”

Kai was shocked, the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand obediently chopped, a sharp sword aura, like a bolt of lightning instantly sliced through!

Those undead that reached Kai’s feet were instantly decapitated, and countless Daoist powers surged into Kai’s body!

Kai looked at the dead spirits being killed in front of him and froze for a moment!

When he had just entered this place, those undead had ignored Kai’s damage, and they were no good at attacking him!

But now that the black hole was gone, the undead started to attack Kai, and Kai was able to kill the undead!

Seeing this scene, Kai began to get excited inside, with so many undead, his depleted Daoist power should be replenished soon!

Just as Kai was dazed, many more undead had climbed up!

This time, Kai began to wield the Dragon Cutting Sword and instantly charged at the undead, launching a massacre of the undead!

Although these undead were numerous, they were not very strong, and Kai was able to kill a dozen of them with a single stroke of his sword!

But the Daoist power generated by these undead was also very weak!

Kai glanced at the densely packed undead beneath the mountain peak, among which there were quite a few undead leaders, and finally landed his gaze on the gigantic undead that was over ten metres tall!

If this gigantic undead was killed, the Daoist power generated would surely be explosive!

Thinking of this, Kai leapt down towards the mountain peak with a long leap.

In mid-air, Kai kept wielding his Dragon Chopper Sword, and a sword aura, like a cannonball, exploded among those undead hordes!

Instantly, countless undead were blown to death, and the Daoist power within Kai’s body instantly turned into one!

Kai landed in front of the huge undead, and in front of this huge undead, Kai’s body looked incredibly small!

But Kai was not afraid at all as he held the Dragon Chopper Sword in his hand, and when he looked up, he could see that the Qi of Yin and Fury was constantly emanating from the giant undead, and this Qi of Yin and Fury was surrounding the giant undead, forming a transparent curtain of light armour!

As the evil aura continued to emanate from the huge undead, the curtain of light armour became more and more condensed, and finally turned into a silvery shining light!

The gigantic undead looked down at Kai, and because of the armour, the gigantic undead looked more like a living human being, except that this human being was far too tall!

When Kai followed the huge undead, he instantly felt a dangerous aura!

At this moment, Kai’s sweat hairs stood on end!


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