A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2390

Sure enough, this time the arrow feather did not emit a strong aura, but just as Kai was about to take it into his hand on his body, the arrow feather suddenly shook even more, and in the end, it actually broke away from the skull instantly and flew away instantly!

Along with the detachment of that arrow feather, the skeleton, which was over ten meters long, collapsed with a bang!

“Don’t run ……”

Kai didn’t care about the collapsed skeleton, but went directly towards that arrow feather in pursuit.

The arrow feather turned into a stream of light and flew straight towards the peak on one side, while Kai chased after it with all his might!

Finally, when he reached the top of the peak, the arrow suddenly slowed down and Kai grabbed the arrow feather!

The arrow feather was so cold in his hand that Kai almost threw it out!

Looking at the crystal clear arrow feather, and the coldness in his hand, it was as if this arrow feather was made of ice!

“This arrow, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it?”

Kai observed it carefully, but apart from the coldness in his hand, there didn’t seem to be anything special about this arrow!

Even when Kai injected the power of the Dao pattern, this arrow feather did not change in the slightest!

But just as Kai was wondering, the earth suddenly trembled violently, followed by a hissing sound!

Kai hurriedly turned his head to look down the mountain peak, and found that underneath the mountain peak, there were countless undead, one of which was more than ten metres tall, and Kai could tell at a glance that this undead came from the huge skeleton just now!

The coldness and hissing of the countless undead made Kai’s heart tremble!

He didn’t understand how the undead, who had just been very quiet and had all floated into the air, had now become violent.

When Kai looked towards the sky, he was instantly dumbfounded, for he did not know when the huge black hole in the sky had disappeared!

These undead had no more place to go, so they were getting restless!

Kai himself didn’t know where to go now, the black hole was gone, how could he go back?

He couldn’t be trapped in this place forever, could he?

This was a shithole, and Kai didn’t even know where it was!

Just as Kai was at a loss for words, the undead actually started to climb towards the mountain peak!

They seemed to be about to attack Kai!

Kai hurriedly put away his arrow feathers, and then, with his Dragon Slashing Sword in hand, prepared to follow the undead to their death!

But just as the undead were about to reach the top of the mountain, a blinding golden light suddenly exploded!

All the undead who had climbed up the peak were instantly turned into nothingness and disappeared without a trace!

And when the undead behind them saw this, they all stopped.

Kai hurriedly looked towards the place where the golden light was emitting, and found a bow embedded in a stone wall.

The bow had dived so deep into the stone wall that only part of it was still exposed.

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly went forward and cleared the surrounding stones with the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, and the bow was soon revealed in its entirety!

Looking at the exquisite bow, which emitted a golden light, Kai reached out and took it out!

When the bow was in Kai’s hand, it emitted a buzzing sound, and the Dao power within Kai’s body began to boil!

Although Kai did not know what class of weapon this recurve bow was, it was definitely something good, and the golden light that had just been emitted and the aura that had erupted from it was in no way something that could have erupted from an ordinary weapon!

Kai carefully examined the recurve bow in his hand, and soon found the words ‘God King Bow’ at the grip of the recurve bow!

“Could this bow be called the God King Bow?”

Kai looked at the God King Bow and couldn’t stop looking at it!


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