A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2389

The undead also ignored Kai, as if he didn’t exist!

At this moment, Kai was a bit dumbfounded, how could he not be able to attack the undead in this place!

Only after trying several times in a row did Kai give up.

With his Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, Kai walked bewildered through this place surrounded by mountains, and the white bones on the ground were emitting a cold aura!

Kai didn’t know what had happened here, that so many people had died!

But as Kai kept walking forward, a huge pair of white bones soon appeared in front of Kai, and when Kai saw it, he could not help but suck in a cold breath.

He saw that the skeleton was more than ten metres tall and was still intact, except that the posture of the skeleton was somewhat peculiar, it was actually kneeling on the ground!

The skeleton was crystal clear, shining with a lustrous lustre, and there was also a burst of pressure emanating from the skeleton!

Kai was amazed that this skeleton, apart from being much larger in stature than that Yin Devil’s, had bones that were all kind of crystal clear, almost identical!

But this person of over ten metres in height, Kai had never seen before, even if the other party was in a kneeling position, but Kai had to tilt his head back if he wanted to see the skeleton in its entirety!

But just as Kai tilted his head to look, he found that in the place of that skull, an equally crystal-clear arrow was stuck right in the center of that skull’s brow!

If Kai hadn’t looked closely, he wouldn’t have been able to spot it at all!

Only when Kai floated his body up until it was level with the skull did he realise that the crystal-clear arrow, only a few inches long, had been stuck right in the skull’s brow, and it was clear that the owner of the skeleton had been killed by this arrow!

Kai was curious and grabbed towards the arrow, he wanted to pull it out and see if it was some kind of treasure!

But just as Kai grabbed the arrow feather, he suddenly felt a dangerous aura, followed by the arrow feather bursting into a brilliant light, followed by a huge aura bursting out, and then shaking Kai straight away!

Kai’s body was instantly sent flying for tens of metres, and then hit the ground with a fierce smash!

Kai could only feel his internal organs and stomach churning, and blood was spilling out from the corners of his mouth!

Even a Martial Emperor might not be able to hurt Kai like that!

But the aura emanating from that arrow feather had almost killed Kai!

Taking a deep breath, Kai stared at the arrow feather with a deadly gaze.

Kai mobilised his spiritual energy and then burst out his breath to resist the pressure emitted by the arrow feather, then he went towards the arrow feather again, Kai wanted to pull it out to see!

But just as Kai got close, he was once again knocked away by a huge breath!

Kai tried several times in a row, but he couldn’t even get close to the arrow feather!

Even though Kai had exploded his divine dragon power, he still couldn’t get close to it, the aura from the arrow feather had directly suppressed Kai’s spiritual power and divine dragon power!

At this moment, Kai’s face was somewhat pale, and the corners of his mouth were even filled with blood!

“Damn it, I don’t believe it, I can’t even pull out an arrow ……”

Kai’s temper was also stirred up.

But just as Kai was about to try again, he suddenly noticed that the Dao Stripe Power within him was flickering with light!

Kai hurriedly exploded out the Dao pattern power, and right after the Dao pattern power within Kai exploded out, the arrow feather that was stuck in his skull unexpectedly followed suit and gave off a burst of light, and it also trembled.

“Could it be that this Dao Ripple Power can suppress this arrow feather?”

Kai kept exploding out the power of the Dao pattern and began to approach that arrow feather!


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