A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2388

Within the deep cave, Kai recovered very quickly because of the large amount of Yin and Fury Qi!

When Kai had completely recovered, he slowly opened his eyes, but at that moment he was still on top of that round platform!

Kai didn’t know if Leng Wu Dao and the others had left, so he didn’t dare to go up there rashly.

“This can’t really be hell down here, can it?”

Kai looked down, his curiosity constantly egging him on to go down and take a look!

At this moment, the undead were still emerging, and these undead were obviously emerging from further down!

“So many undead, what’s down there?”

Kai crossed his steps with a curious look on his face!

With a final grit of his teeth, he actually jumped straight down from the round platform!

This time, just as Kai jumped off the round platform, he felt a suffocating sense of oppression come over him, the whole cave was constantly emitting pressure, and the speed of Kai’s descent became even slower!

It was as if something was holding Kai up and didn’t want him to fall!

Kai could only sink his Qi into his Dantian and use the Thousand Jack Drop, which made his body fall a little faster!

However, as Kai’s body descended, the pressure became stronger and stronger, as if it wanted to crush Kai!

If Kai’s body wasn’t strong enough, and if he hadn’t activated his Invincible Golden Body, Kai would have already become a puddle of mush!

After falling for an unknown period of time, Kai suddenly felt his body lighten, and then his body was like a meteorite, falling rapidly.

Kai hurriedly raised his Qi to stabilize his body, and as the speed of his descent increased, Kai’s eyes began to become brighter than ever!

Boom …………

With a loud bang, Kai’s body heavily touched the ground, smashing the ground directly into a deep crater!

Kai took a while before he slowly climbed out of the deep pit, but when he climbed out of the pit, his whole body was frozen!

The sky was grey, the ground was covered with countless skeletons and countless weapons were scattered all over the place.

A few black crows were constantly circling overhead, the scene was deadly, and the surroundings were desolate, except for a few crows, there was no living thing to be seen, not even a blade of grass!

“What is this …… place? Is this an ancient battlefield?”

Kai was filled with shock.

He did not understand how he had suddenly arrived at this place when he was clearly inside that pitch-black cave?

Could it be that the cave was a teleportation array? Teleporting himself to this place?

Kai could not understand, and he knew even less about what this place was!

Even if he radiated his divine sense to the extreme, Kai could not detect any other aura!

But since he was here, Kai still planned to look around, since he could come to this place, there was a chance that he would have a strange encounter here!

Kai saw a faint light flickering on the countless white bones, followed by the appearance of undead spirits on the white bones, which then floated towards the air!

Kai looked up along with those undead, and found that there was a black hole in the sky, and the black hole seemed to be spinning, swallowing everything that came near him!

“This? Is this the place where I fell?”

Kai looked at the black hole in the sky and seemed to understand that he should have fallen through this black hole, and that these undead had also entered the valley through this black hole!

A large number of undead emerged and then floated into the sky to be swallowed by the black hole within!

Seeing this, Kai wielded his Dragon Slashing Sword and slashed out with one blow, so many undead could be killed with one blow, so that he could collect more Dao power!

But when Kai chopped his sword towards those undead, he found that his sword aura instantly penetrated those undead and did not cause any damage to them!


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