A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2386

“Bad, I’ve been fooled, this kid actually still has strength left ……”

Seeing this, Leng Wu Dao shouted out loud that it was bad, and hurriedly leapt after him!

And when the others saw this, they also started to chase after him!

Only now did they realize that Kai had just deliberately provoked Leng Wu Dao and then fled with the power of Leng Wu Dao’s punch, which Kai had calculated long ago!

Kai was desperately fleeing in front, while Leng Wu Dao led his men in desperate pursuit behind him!

Despite exploding with the power of the Dao, Kai still felt his head muddled and swollen, as if he was about to pass out!

“I can’t sleep, I absolutely can’t sleep ……”

Kai bit the tip of his tongue to death to keep himself awake!

Just as quickly, Kai had fled to the end of the valley, at the end of which, where the altar had been destroyed, revealed a hole that was bottomless and dark!

Countless undead were still crawling out of the hole, and when they found Kai, they swung their swords at him!

But Kai didn’t have the heart to fight with the undead, so he moved to avoid them!

At that moment, Leng Wu Dao and his men caught up with him, and only after seeing that Kai had no way to escape did Leng Wu Dao breathe a sigh of relief!

If he had let Kai escape, he would have become the laughing stock of everyone!

When the undead saw that there were more people coming, they started to attack!

While Tong Ocean led his men to kill the undead, Leng Wu Dao stared at Kai with a deadly smile, “Kid, I almost didn’t let you fool me, but now I’ll see where you can still escape ……”

“I said, you can’t kill me, you definitely can’t kill me, I won’t let you kill me ……”

The corners of Kai’s mouth lifted slightly, and with a fierce leap, he actually jumped straight down towards the deep hole those undead had crawled out of!

“This …………”

Seeing this, Leng Wu Dao was instantly dumbfounded, he didn’t expect Kai to jump inside that deep hole!

Leng Wu Dao ran up to him, only to see that the sinister aura rising from inside the deep hole was many times stronger than inside this valley!

And there were harsh hissing sounds everywhere inside, and undead spirits were constantly emerging, which made Leng Wu Dao a bit scared!

He didn’t know if he should jump down with him and kill Kai himself!

But this deep cave was an unknown world, and the aura of evil inside was so thick that Leng Wu Dao was a bit scared!

At this moment, Tong Haiwan came over, “What? Did Kai jump down?”

Leng Wu Dao nodded his head “En!”

Tong Ocean took a look inside and said, “This place is so heavy with Yin and Evil Qi, and there are countless spirits of the dead, I guess that Kai will die even if he jumps!”

“Let’s get out of here and guard the entrance of the valley, if Kai is still alive, there’s only one place to get out!”

“We can’t be killing these undead anymore, when we learn Yao Qing’s technique, these undead can be the best resource.”

Tong Ocean reminded to Leng Wu Dao, he was afraid that Leng Wu Dao would lose his mind over the matter of revenge!

When Leng Wu Dao heard this, he instantly reacted, and when he saw the many undead that had already been decimated, then he was heartbroken!

“Retreat, let’s get out of here ……”

Leng Wu Dao shouted, and the crowd quickly retreated!

After retreating to the entrance of the valley, Leng Wu Dao sent his men to close the dozens of meters high gate at the entrance of the valley, tightly, in order to prevent those undead from running out!

They had to learn the gongfu first, and after they learned the gongfu, they would open the gate and go kill the undead!

“Yao Qing, here’s your chance to make up for your mistakes, pass on the gongfu to us!”

Leng Wu Dao said to Yao Qing.

“Good.” Yao Qing nodded and didn’t dare to say anything else as he began to pass on the gong methods to the crowd.

In a flash, within the abyss, Leng Wu Dao led the Hidden Realm crowd and all began to follow Yao Qing to learn the evil cultivation techniques!


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