A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2385

“I’m not running away and I don’t need to be rescued, I’ll just watch you talk big and have no shame.”

“How many times have I escaped from you? Don’t you have a number in your own heart?”

Kai said with a face full of care as he propped himself up with the Dragon Chopper Sword!

This made Leng Wu Dao furious, he didn’t think Kai would dare to talk to him like this even though he was already on the verge of ruin!

“Kid, you’re so f*cking tough, if I don’t torture you to death today, I swear I won’t be a man.”

Leng Wu Dao was furious, and his rampaging aura was directed towards Kai!

At this moment, the Dao power within Kai’s body was flickering with light, only Kai did not explode out!

Kai gritted his teeth and desperately resisted the tyrannical aura emanating from Leng Wu Dao’s body, his eyes filled with disdain as he said “I’ve heard that someone was directly scared by the Realm of Transformation and peed his trousers, isn’t that you?”

“You piss your trousers when you encounter a Realm of Transformation, and then you get all high and mighty when you encounter someone who is not as strong as you, you are really no different from that pug!”

Kai kept on stimulating Leng Wu Dao, because when people are furious, their thinking is confused and they also lose their powers of observation!

And what Kai wanted was to make Leng Wu Dao lose his keen powers of observation, or else the power of the Dao pattern within Kai’s body would probably be detected by Leng Wu Dao!

“Kid, go to hell ……”

When Leng Wu Dao heard the three words pissing his trousers, he instantly brought his anger to the point where he immediately followed up with a fierce punch to Kai’s abdomen!

Kai’s body, just like a leaf, was instantly blasted out!

He flew hundreds of metres before his body landed heavily, smashing the ground into a deep crater!

Kai, who had already escaped to the mouth of the valley, was now knocked back again.

Wow …………

Kai braced his hands on the ground and a fierce mouthful of blood spurted out!

At this moment, Kai’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, and the pain in his internal organs was unbearable!

Although Kai’s physical body was already very strong, he was still injured under Leng Wu Dao’s furious punch!

If Leng Wu Dao hadn’t exploded some of his Dao power at the moment he struck, I’m afraid this punch would have killed Kai!

At this moment, when Leng Wu Dao and the others saw that Kai had not died and had even used the Zeng Long Sword to support his body to stand up, they were all astonished and somewhat speechless!

“This fellow, his body is too perverted, isn’t it?”

“What exactly is this guy’s status? Is it just impossible to fight?”

“Strange, it’s too strange ……”

Everyone looked at Kai who had gotten up and were talking!

And at this moment, Leng Wu Dao’s face was gloomy to the extreme, Kai was on the verge of becoming a wreck, and his punch had failed to kill him!

And in front of so many people in the Hidden World, Leng Wu Dao felt like he was losing face!

He had already been humiliated by pissing his trousers, but this time he was humiliated again!

“Is that all the strength you have? Scratching my itch is more like it ……”

Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and then mocked at Leng Wu Dao!

Leng Wu Dao was going mad as he listened to Kai’s taunts, his hair stood up at the roots and his clothes were even windless!

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll break you into pieces …………”

Leng Wu Dao hissed as his body flashed and he reached Kai’s front.

Immediately afterwards, a burst of golden light erupted from Leng Wu Dao’s fist, as dazzling as the sun!

This golden light then ruthlessly blasted at Kai’s body!

Kai didn’t have much, just his eyes glanced around!

As this fierce punch struck Kai’s body, Kai’s body once again flew backwards!

This time, he flew even further away, only while Kai’s body was still in mid-air, Kai exploded all of his Daoist power!

Kai’s body shone with the light of a star, and his powerful aura wrapped around him before he flew off into the distance!


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