A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2384

Kai didn’t say a word, except that deep in his eyes, a cold aura flashed, and Kai’s grip on the Dragon Cutting Sword tightened a little more!

“Stop it ……”

Just at the moment when Yao Qing was about to press his hand on Kai’s head, and Kai was about to kill him back, a sudden bellow interrupted Yao Qing!

Yao Qing hurriedly turned his head to look and found that it was surprisingly Leng Wu Dao and the others who had arrived!

Seeing Leng Wu Dao and the others, Yao Qing was obviously a little surprised, and Kai was equally surprised!

Originally, he had planned to kill Yao Qing and then deal with Bao Yu Kun, but now that Leng Wu Dao had brought them here, Kai could not possibly be a match for them even if he had the power of the Dao pattern in his body!

“Damn it, is God going to kill me?”

Kai couldn’t help but curse in his heart!

“Master Leng Gang, what brings you here?”

Yao Qing withdrew his hand after seeing Leng Wu Dao, and then asked Leng Wu Dao.

“Yao Qing, you took Bao Yu Kun away from the group and then ran here, do you have something in mind?”

“Or is there some secret here that you don’t want us to know?”

Leng Wu Dao asked Yao Qing with a cold smile.

“What kind of words are these, Master Leng, what secrets can there be here, we came here to track down this Kai.”

“We are also here to kill this Kai and avenge the son of the Leng Gang Master!”

“If there are too many people, I am afraid that if this Kai finds out, the grass will be scared ……”

Yao Qing hurriedly began to explain, but what he said was all lies because he didn’t want Leng Wu Dao and the others to know his secret!

“Yes, Yao Qing is right, we ran here in order to chase this Kai, and this has not caught Kai!”

“For that reason, I even lost an arm, this kid still tried to run away, but we finally stopped him.”

Bao Yukun also hurriedly followed Leng Wu Dao and explained1

“Bao Yu Kun, don’t think you are looking for excuses to leave the group and what you want to do, I don’t know anything about it!”

“Since we have agreed that we form a group, we must not have any more selfishness!”

“Do you think we don’t know that you have been looking for undead to decapitate along the way?”

“And you came here because the undead crawled out of here, you only came here to kill more undead!”

“It was only by chance that I met Kai, who was also hiding here, and that’s why there was a clash!”

“How dare you say it was for my son’s revenge?”

Leng Wu Dao unmercifully spilled the beans on Yao Qing and Bao Yu Kun!

At this moment, both Bao Yu Kun and Yao Qing’s faces turned a little ugly, they knew that if this matter was targeted, they were afraid that they wouldn’t have any good consequences in the future.

It was possible that their two sects would have to cloth the back of the Pure Yang Sect and end up being isolated and then wiped out!

“Yao Qing, since you can improve your strength by killing the undead and have such a good technique, why didn’t you tell everyone about it?”

“Why did you have to drag in Bao Yu Kun, trying to do it alone?”

“It seems that you are not sincere in joining our Hidden World.”

“We were kind enough to let you take the place of the Pure Yang Sect, but now it seems that an evil cultivator is an evil cultivator, a wolf that cannot be fed!”

Tong Ocean said to Yao Qing!

When Yao Qing heard this, his face instantly turned ugly and he immediately followed Tong Ocean and explained “Master Tong, this matter is my fault, I am willing to hand over my gongfu to everyone!”

The main thing now is to kill this Kai to avenge our dead son. ……”

The first thing you need to do is to kill this man and avenge our dead son. Can anyone else save you? No one I want to kill can escape ……”


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