A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2383

“You still want to escape? This is your grave today!”

Bao Yu Kun said with an icy expression on his face!

“You two Martial Emperor experts, joining forces to bully me, a Martial God, how dare you?”

Kai said to Bao Yu Kun and Yao Qing!

“Hmph, cut the crap, look at the gun ……”

Yao Qing didn’t talk nonsense, he directly stabbed out with a spear, a burst of light and power erupted from the head of the spear, the power was immense!

Seeing this, Bao Yu Kun also directly struck out, although only one arm was left, but a claw shadow still enveloped towards Kai!

Seeing this, Kai had no choice but to fight, and the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand erupted with a burst of sword aura, constantly resisting the duo’s attacks!

However, as Kai’s spiritual energy was depleted, he could clearly feel that his movements were much slower and that the power of each sword cut was also less!

“Hahahaha, you might as well behave and give up, your resistance is futile, even if we can’t kill you, we can still tire you out.”

Yao Qing had already sensed that Kai’s strength was almost depleted!

“If you have the guts, just tire me out ……”

There was no way Kai was going to fold his arms and grit his teeth to death!

What Kai still had within him was the power of the Dao pattern, which was his killer weapon, and Kai would not use it easily until he had to.

What he needed was to use the power of the Dao pattern to kill his opponent when he let his guard down!

Boom …………

Suddenly, Kai was struck by Yao Qing’s shot and his body fell heavily on top of the cliff wall!

The imperishable golden body on Kai’s body also slowly disappeared in this moment as it turned into powder!

Hunched over, Kai slowly got up with the Dragon Chopper Sword in his hand!

One could clearly feel that the breath in Kai’s body was already very weak!

Even if the disciples of the two gangs came over now, they would probably be able to kill Kai easily!

Seeing this scene demanded and Bao Yukun, the two men laughed!

“Yao Qing, I’ll kill this Kai, I want to avenge my broken arm!”

Bao Yu Kun looked at Kai icily, he would kill Kai with his own hands in order to relieve his hatred!

“Patriarch Bao, you should leave this Kai to me, this brat is full of strength that can just be absorbed and refined by me.”

“As long as you let me have this Kai, I will immediately teach you the technique so that you can absorb the power from the undead!”

Yao Qing said to Bao Yu Kun!

Bao Yu Kun looked at Kai, then nodded and said “Alright, I’ll leave this kid to you.”

After Yao Qing heard this, the spear in his hand instantly dissipated into a black mist, and then he slowly walked towards Kai!

At this moment, Kai was a lamb to be slaughtered in front of him, and had no resistance left!

Kai held the Dragon Cutting Sword tightly in his hand, the power of the Dao pattern in his body flickering with a faint light!

Now Kai was waiting, waiting for Yao Qing to relax his guard and strike a fatal blow at the moment he reached him!

As long as he killed Yao Qing, Bao Yukun would be no longer a concern, after all, Bao Yukun had already lost an arm!

“What a good piece of material, it’s just a pity, when I absorb your strength and refine this strong flesh of yours into a puppet, then I will have another great general on my side!”

Yao Qing was filled with a cold smile as he slowly walked towards Kai!

At this moment, Yao Qing was not the least bit guarded, looking relaxed and comfortable, and with an incomparable excitement on his face!

As long as he absorbed Kai’s strength, he would be able to raise his own realm here!

With the addition of turning Kai into a puppet, Yao Qing would be able to take his place among the many sects in the Hidden Realm, and his words would begin to carry weight!

“Kai, don’t blame me, if you want to blame, blame your arrogance ……”

Yao Qing came in front of Kai and slowly extended his hand!

He did not suppress Kai’s breath, because in his opinion, Kai was now equivalent to an invalid, there was no need to control it, and Kai could no longer have the strength to resist!


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