A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2382

“Treasure sword, really treasure sword ah ……”

Bao Yu Kun bent down and picked up the dragon chopping sword, a greedy glow emanating from his eyes!

But he didn’t notice that at this moment, Kai, who was lying on the ground and had long been charred black, slowly opened his eyes!

Suddenly, Kai leapt up, directly startling Bao Yukun!

Bao Yukun instinctively stepped backwards, and the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand slashed towards Kai in one smooth motion!

However, when Bao Yukun struck out with his sword, he realised that the Dragon Cutting Sword seemed to be out of his control, and as he swung his sword, the Dragon Cutting Sword unexpectedly came out of his hand instantly.

Immediately after a reversal, it came directly towards Bao Yukun, that is, in the blink of an eye, Bao Yukun’s arm, was instantly chopped off by the Chopping Dragon Sword.

“Ah …………”

Bao Yu Kun let out a miserable cry as his body desperately retreated!

The blood from the severed arm was pouring out, causing Bao Yu Kun’s face to turn incomparably white!

Seeing this, Yao Qing picked the long spear in his hand, directly knocking back the Decapitated Dragon Sword.

The sword flew back into Kai’s hand!

Bao Yu Kun looked at his broken arm and pulled out a handful of powder directly from his body and scattered it on the wound, instantly stopping the blood!

And the broken arm was also picked up by his disciple!

“Are you alright?” Yao Qing asked as he looked towards Bao Yukun.

Scared you the two of them were a grasshopper on a rope, if something happened to Bao Yu Kun, he was the only one left and was afraid it would be hard to deal with Kai.

Bao Yukun shook his head “Nothing, I didn’t expect this to be a spirit sword that had opened its spirit, I was too careless.”

“Then this broken arm of yours?” Yao Qing looked at Bao Yukun’s broken arm, there was still blood dripping down from it.

“I can put it back on myself, it just takes time, just kill this Kai first and I’ll put the arm back on!”

Bao Yu Kun had a calm and collected look on his face!

As the head of the Pill Refining Sect, a broken arm was just a broken arm, he had the means to put it back on, only that it would take time to put it back on, and now that Kai was watching them intently, he didn’t have time to put the broken arm back on now.

“Good, then we will do it together and kill him ……”

Yao Qing nodded his head.

Kai, at this moment, was holding the Dragon Chopping Sword, that charred blackness on his body was slowly falling off, followed by the golden glow of his imperishable golden body reappearing!

When Yao Qing and Bao Yu Kun saw this, their brows all furrowed, they had just made that attack, but it hadn’t caused any damage to Kai!

They had thought that this blow would kill Kai!

Even though Kai had not suffered much damage, the fight with Yao Qing and Bao Yu Kun had already depleted his spiritual energy, and even the dragon crystal in his body was beginning to fade, and the power of the divine dragon was being greatly depleted!

If the fight continued like this, Kai knew that even if he wasn’t killed by the two of them, he would eventually be consumed of all his spiritual power and become a prisoner!

With two Martial Emperor experts, plus the dozens of disciples of the two families, it was obvious that Kai was struggling to deal with them alone!

Kai glanced at Yao Qing and Bao Yu Kun, then his body leapt up and immediately rushed towards the outside of the valley!

He didn’t want to fight anymore, his only thought now was to escape!

When Bao Yu Kun and Yao Qing saw Kai flee, they instantly understood that Kai was at the end of his rope!

“Want to run, not that easy ……”

With anger in his eyes, Bao Yu Kun leapt towards Kai and chased after him!

And Yao Qing also raised his spear, the spear in his hand stabbed out one after another!

Rumble …………

In a flash, countless energy within the valley turned into wind blades and shot out towards Kai!

Kai desperately dodged, wanting to rush out of the valley and quickly escape the abyss!

But Yao Qing and Bao Yu Kun were not going to let him go, they were in hot pursuit!

Just as Kai was about to rush out of the valley gate, he was stopped by Bao Yu Kun and Yao Qing, one after the other!

At this moment, it was fortunate that many undead had crawled out of the black hole of the divine altar, holding back the disciples of the Pill Refining Sect and the Burning Heaven Sect!

Otherwise, Kai would have been surrounded to the ground by now!


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