A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2379

“Such a nice place, it’s really hard to leave ……”

Kai looked at the undead that he had decimated, and was inwardly overcome with emotion!

At this moment, the Dao power in Kai’s body was already three dao, soon to be four!

Just now, Kai had killed an undead leader, but he found that his Dao power had not increased much, so if he wanted to increase his Dao power in the future, he would have to slaughter a lot of undead!

“This area has been slaughtered cleanly, we have to change to another place to do it ……”

Kai was ready to leave the area and kill the undead in another place!

But not long after Kai had left, a group of people unexpectedly appeared here!

“Yao Qing, we’ve been looking for half a day, why doesn’t this area seem to be infested with undead?”

Bao Yu Kun asked Yao Qing.

“The undead here have just been killed, it seems that those people from Kai have left from here.”

Yao Qing looked around and said!

“I said you were being secretive, saying that these undead were some kind of resources and asking me to accompany you everywhere to find them, what kind of resources are these undead anyway?”

Bao Yu Kun asked in a very unhappy manner.

Originally, they were together, and when they encountered the army of undead, they could still look out for each other!

But now that Yao Qing had actually shouted at him and chose to follow Leng Wu Dao and the others and split up!

If Yao Qing hadn’t promised a large amount of resources, Bao Yukun wouldn’t have followed him away!

“This undead is of no use to you guys at all, but I found that after I killed the undead, the strong qi in my body was able to increase by a few points, and my strength was also increasing!”

“This should be related to the evil kung fu I practice, I am able to absorb the Yin and Evil Qi from these undead, while you guys are not!”

Yao Qing didn’t hide it from Bao Yu Kun, he said straight away!

“Shit, you had this good thing and didn’t say so in advance? Can you teach me?”

When Bao Yukun heard this, he couldn’t help but have envy in his eyes!

Killing these undead and being able to raise the strength of the realm, this should not be too good either.

“I can’t do it here, I’ll teach it to you when I find a suitable place.”

After saying that, Yao Qing took Bao Yu Kun and left!

The many disciples of the Pill Refining Sect and the Burning Heaven Sect followed behind!

But just after Yao Qing and Bao Yu Kun left, Leng Wu Dao and the others also arrived here!

Looking at the backs of Yao Qing and the others, Leng Wu Dao’s face was gloomy!

“This Yao Qing, he really has something to hide from us, no wonder he wants to separate from us, so these undead, to him, can all be resources.”

Tong Ocean said indignantly.

“Let’s go, let’s follow, if we can learn the evil technique that Yao Qing said, then the countless undead here will be the best resource for us to cultivate.”

Leng Wu Dao finished speaking and instantly followed!

And at this moment, Kai was constantly searching for the undead, and all the undead he found, not one of them would be able to escape!

Unknowingly, Kai had actually retraced his steps back to that abyss!

Looking inside the abyss, the undead kept crawling out, and Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up!

“Oops, why did he fool himself? There are countless undead in this abyss, so you can just kill them yourself!”

Kai slapped his head, very chagrined, and now he just remembered here!

Kai wielded the Dragon Cutting Sword and shot out a sword of light, the undead that crawled out were instantly turned into ashes, then Kai jumped in without hesitation!

Kai descended into the abyss and looked at the densely packed undead, inwardly he could not help but be overjoyed already!

“Hahahaha, get rich ……”

Kai faced the army of undead, without the slightest bit of timidity, wielding his dragon chopping sword, he charged straight up and killed them!

Those undead were all instantly reduced to powder under Kai’s sword, while uncountable amounts of Dao power swarmed towards Kai’s body!

“It hurts ……”

The more Kai killed, the more energetic he became, and he fought his way into the valley!


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